Soc Review 3-2

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  1. "Good Old Age" Factors
    1. Physical Health / Functioning 2. Material Security 3. Family 4. Sociality
  2. Social Assistance
    Programs that provide minimal benefits for the needy, means tested through income and behavior
  3. Social Insurance
    Provides economic security over life course, people contribute to a common pool and earn benefits
  4. Social Assistance Programs
    • 1. Medicaid - funded by income tax and state tax, is health insurance for aged, blind, and disabled poor
    • 2. SSI - funded by income tax, is income for aged, blind, and disabled
  5. Social Insurance Programs
    • 1. Social Security - funded by payroll tax of workers and employers, is income for workers age 62+ or dependents
    • 2. Disability Insurance - funded by payroll tax of workers and employers, is income for any disabled worker who has contributed to Social Security
  6. Medicare
    • Form of Social Insurance, is health insurance for Social Security recipients and for spouse at age 65.
    • Components: 1. Hospital Insurance 2. Supplemental Medical Insurance 3. Medicare Advantage 4. Prescription Drugs
  7. Caregiving
    Emotional support, instrumental support (transportation, meals, shopping), personal care, and contacting/monitoring/coordinating services. 50% of women will be caregivers and 75% of caregivers are women
  8. Caregiving Stress
    Emotional Stress, Financial Stress, Physical Stress
  9. Right to Die
    Individuals have the right to dignity and privacy and informed participation
  10. Assisted Suicide
    Someone helping you kill yourself
  11. Active Euthenasia
    Deliberate steps taken to bring about someone elses death
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