Marketing Management

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  1. Inbound Logistics- primary activites
    • Receiving
    • Storing
    • Inventory Control
  2. Operations
    • Machining
    • Packaging
    • Assembly
    • Other transformation inputs
  3. Outbound Logistics
    Activities required to get the finished product to the customer.

    • Warehousing
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Transportation
    • Distribution
  4. Marketing and Sales
    Activities associated with getting the customers to buy the product.

    • Channel selection
    • Advertising
    • Promotions
    • Selling
    • Pricing Retail Management
  5. Service
    The activites that maintain and enhance the product's value

    • Customer support
    • Repair service
    • Installation
    • Training
    • Spare parts managment
    • Upgrading
  6. Procurement- seconday activites
    • Procurement of Raw Materials
    • Servicing
    • Spare Parts
    • Buildings
  7. Techonology Development
    Used to support the primary activites.

    • R&D
    • Process automation
    • Design/Redesign
  8. Human Resource Management
    • Recruiting
    • Development (edu.)
    • Retention and Compensation
  9. Firm Infrastructure
    • General management
    • Planning
    • Legal
    • Finance
    • Acconting
    • Quality management
  10. Key Point
    Supply chain members only exist if they add value to the final product is some way.
  11. Key Point
    If another supply chain member can perform the same job then conflict may ensue causing someone to leave the chain.
  12. Disintermediation
    The shortening or collapsing of marketing channels due to the elimination of one or more intermediaries, is common in the electronic channel.

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