Aubrey's Menu Test 2

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  1. List 6 starters/appetizers we offer:
    • Buff. Fingers
    • Spinach con Queso
    • Pizza Rock
    • Potato Chips
    • Chicken Tenders
    • Fish & Chips
    • Wings (buffalo, thai, bbq)
  2. Describe the Pizza Rock:
    We take a fried flour tortilla, bake it with our spinach con queso, grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese and top it with diced tomatoes and jalapenos.
  3. List the two soups that are always available along with their garnishes.
    • Potato Soup (cheese and chives)
    • Chili (cheese)
  4. List all the items our guests can choose from when ordering a Perfect Pair:
    • -a bowl of soup
    • -salad (house or ceasar)
    • -1/2 Turkey Sandwich
    • -a baked potato
  5. How many Salads do we offer? What are they?
    • Seven (7) Salads:
    • 1.House Salad
    • 2.Hail Ceasar
    • 3.Strawberry Chicken Salad
    • 4.Chicken Salad Salad
    • 5.Asian Chicken Salad
    • 6.Cranberry Chicken Salad
    • 7.Granny Smith Steak Salad
  6. Describe the HOUSE SALAD:
    Salad mix (Romaine and Iceberg) and tomatoes, with cheese, potato sticks, cucumber
    Romaine, parmesan cheese, croutons, eggless ceasar dressing.
    Mesclun salad greens, romaine, strawberries, candied pecans, bleu cheese crumbles, and honey vinaigrette.
    A mix of mesclun and romaine salad greens, mandarin oranges, grilled chicken, sesame seeds, wontons, and Thai Vinaigrette
    Iceburg Wedge, mandarin oranges, tomatoes, a scoop of chicken salad and sun dried cranberries.
    Grilled Chicken, a mix of mesclun and romaine salad greens, red apples, feta cheese, candied pecans, and sun dried cranberries
    Romaine lettuce, Granny Smith apples, walnuts, Bleu cheese crumbles, and grilled steak (temp to order)
  13. How many salad dressings do we offer? What are they?
    • We offer 10 Salad Dressings:
    • Bleu Cheese, Buttermilk Ranch, Peppercorn Ranch, Honey Mustard, Honey Vin, Balsamic Vin, Classic Vin, 1000 Island, Raspberry Vin, Thai Vin
  14. How many Sandwiches do we serve at Aubrey's? What are they?
    • We have 11 sandwiches.(3 chicken, 2 fish, 2 deli, 4 beef)
    • -Chicken Salad Club, Rajun Cajun, Rooster Grill
    • -Fish Burger, Tuna Salad
    • -Corned Beef Sandwich, Turkey & Havarti
    • -Patty Melt, WI Cheddar Burg, Mush/Swiss Burg, Thunder road burg
  15. What does a Garden consist of, and which of our burgers are not served with a garden?
    • 'Garden' means Lettuce, Tomato, & Onion.
    • -Kid Burger and the Patty Melt get NO Garden.
    • -Chicken sandwiches come with Lettuce and Tomato (onions served on request)
  16. List the ingredients for:
    Texas toast, 8oz Burger, bacon bits, sauteed yellow onions, swiss cheese and mayo
  17. List the ingredients for:
    Wheatberry bread, Lettuce Tomato, Turkey, Bacon, Havarti Cheese.
  18. List the ingredients for:
    Scoop of chicken salad, Swiss cheese, lettuce, bacon and tomato on Wheatberry toast.
  19. What is served with our two fish sandwiches and the Boston Scrod?
    Lemon Caper sauce.
  20. What brand of coffee do we use?
    Vienna Coffee Company
  21. Which bevs do NOT get refills?
    IBC root beer, juice, milk
  22. How much do the following items weigh?
    - Chicken Sandwiches
    - Lemon Lime chkn/Hickory Chkn
    - Buttermilk Fried Chkn
    - Chicken Pack
    - Fish-n-Chips
    - Corned Beef Sandwich w/ Kraut
    • - 8oz
    • - 10oz
    • - 10oz
    • - 8oz
    • - 4oz
    • - 8oz
    • - 5oz (kraut 2oz)
  23. How much do the following items weigh?
    Fish Sandwich
    Large Filet
    Small Filet
    Center Cut Sirloin
    Hawaian Ribeye
    Steak on a Stick
    • - 6oz
    • - 9oz
    • - 6oz
    • - 8oz
    • - 14oz
    • - 8oz
  24. Can a guest have a ribeye with out the marinade/cajan spices?
    Yes, if we have it available. ask manager immediately.
  25. Which steak is well marbled and very flavorful?
    ribeye (14oz)
  26. Which steak is so tender you could almost cut it with a fork?
  27. What toppings do we offer for the baked potato?
    Butter, bacon, cheese, sour cream, chives
  28. How many Pastas do we have? what are they?
    • We have Four (4) pastas total:
    • -The Haystack
    • -The Rattlesnake
    • -Seafood Alfredo
    • -Tomato Basil
  29. List ingredients for the following:
    • - Linguine
    • - Chicken
    • - Mushrooms
    • - Alfredo
    • - Parmesan Cheese
  30. List ingredients for the following:
    • - Linguine
    • - Chkn sauteed Baby Spinach
    • - Green Peppers
    • - Rattlesnake Seasoning
    • - Parm Cheese
    • - Cilantro
  31. List ingredients for the following:
    • - Bowtie Pasta
    • - Alfredo
    • - Shrimp & Surimi Crab Meat
    • - Snap Peas
    • - Red Onions
    • - Parmesan Cheese
  32. List ingredients for the following:
    • - Bowtie Pasta
    • - Chicken
    • - Marinara
    • - Parmesan Cheese
    • - Basil
  33. If your guest likes spicy food, which pasta would you recommend?
    The Rattlesnake
  34. How many sided served with pastas?
  35. How many sides are served with the "Southern Specialties"?
    Two (2)
  36. How many Sides are served with our "Steaks, Ribs & Seafood" items?
    One (1)
  37. Describe the Hickory Chicken as you would to our guests:
    10oz of our grilled chicken topped with our Hickory BBQ Sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, and diced tomatoes
  38. Roughly, how many ounces of chicken are on the tender app and the platter, and what automatically comes with them?
    8oz of Chicken/Honey Mustard
  39. List all the SIDES:
    Spinach, French Fries, Squash, Baked Potato, Thick cut Potato Chips, Cup of the Day, Chili, Potato Soup, Burgundy Mushrooms, Apples, Mac & Chz, Snow Peas, Broccoli, Cole Slaw, Smashed New Potatoes, Italian Pasta Salad and Seasonal Veggie.
  40. How much is it to substitute a Salad for a Side Item?
  41. How much does it cost to add a salad to an entree?
  42. How much does a House Salad cost?
  43. If an item is ordered off the "Southern Specialties" and the guest wants to get a House or Ceasar salad instead of the two side items that it comes with, How much does it cost?
    Nothing: Two side items can be subbed for a salad for no extra charge.
  44. If a guest orders a "Southern Specialties" item and substitutes the two sides for a House or Ceasar salad, How would you ring in the order when prompted to choose the side items?
    Lemon Lime Chkn - No Veg > No Veg. if they want the salad out first

    Lemon Lime Chkn - No Veg > No Veg, Salad > Honey Mustard (or whatever dressing)
  45. How many Desserts? what are they?
    • 5 desserts total:
    • 1. Chocolate TURTLE Cake
    • 2. Praline CHEESECAKE
    • 3. Apple Walnut COBBLER
    • 4. KEY LIME PIE
  46. Describe the following:
    Chocolate TURTLE Cake
    Heated Hershey's double chocolate cake served with a scoop of Breyer's vanilla ice cream, topped with warm caramel
  47. Describe the following:
    Praline CHEESECAKE:
    NY style cheesecake smothered with warm caramel
  48. Describe the following:
    Aplle Walnut COBBLER:
    served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream
  49. Describe the following:
    1) Key Lime Pie

    2) Peppermint Patty
    1: Key west lime pie topped with whipped cream

    2: Breyers Mint choc chip ice cream in an Oreo pie crust topped with chocolate
  50. Can adults add a salad to a kid meal?
  51. List the items on the Kids Menu: (6)
    • - Mac & Cheese
    • - Grilled Chz
    • - Kids Chkn Tenders
    • - Kid ChzBurger
    • - Kid Spaghetti
    • - PB&J
  52. What four BURGERS do we have?
    Mushroom Swiss, WI Cheddar, ThunderRoad, PattyMelt
  53. How much do we charge for kid's beverages?
    Nothing. No free refills on Root Beer and Milk.
  54. Our chili and our soup are served by the cup and the bowl. What is the price for each?
    • cup- $3
    • bowl- $5
  55. Describe the following cooking temperatures:
    Med Rare
    Medium Well
    Well Done
    • rare: Cool Red Center
    • med rare: Warm red center
    • med: Warm pink center
    • med well: Think pink center
    • well done: no pink
  56. What do we call our BBQ sauce?
    Hickory Sauce
  57. Which of our steaks are hand-cut daily?
  58. What does it cost to add Grileld Chicken to any salad?
  59. Is a guest allowed to substitute a soup for a salad?
  60. How many sides are seved on a Vegetable Combo?
  61. Our Boston Scrod is rolled in _____a______ and dusted in ____b_____.
    • a: Lemon Butter
    • b: Ritz Cracker Crumbs
  62. Our ribs are __________ ribs.
    BABYBACK style
  63. Give a Brief description of the Hawaiian Marinade for our Hawaiian Ribeye:
    Soy, Pineapple ginger Marinade
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