Alphabetical 13

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  1. credulous
    eager to believe; gullible
  2. criterion
    standard; basis for judgement
  3. cryptic
    mysterious; mystifying
  4. culinary
    relating to cooking or the kitchen
  5. culminate
    to climax; to reach full effect
  6. culpable
    deserving blame; guilty
  7. cursory
    hasty; superficial
  8. curtail
    to shorten; to cut short
  9. cynic
    one who deeply distrusts human nature' on who believes humans are motivated by selfishness
  10. daunt
    to make fearful; to intimidate
  11. dearth
    lack; scarcity
  12. debacle
    violent breakdown; sudden overthrow; overwhelming defeat
  13. debauchery
    wild living; excessive intemperance
  14. debilitate
    to weaken; to cripple
  15. decadent
    decaying or decayed, especially in terms of morals
  16. decimate
    to kill or destroy a large part of
  17. decorous
    proper; in good taste; orderly
  18. deduce
    to conclude from the evidence; to infer
  19. defame
    to libel or slander; to ruin the good name of
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