SPCH 1A Midtemr

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  1. Specific Purpose
    explains in detail what you will accomplish during the speech
  2. Central Idea
    introduces the main points
  3. Levels of substructure
    • I.
    • __A.
    • ____1.
    • ____2.
    • ______a.
    • ______b.
    • __B.
  4. Monroe's motivated sequence
    • 1) capture audience's attention
    • 2) create need for change
    • 3) give solutions to satisfy need
    • 4) visualize results, explain benefits
    • 5) call to action
  5. Advocate
    a person not giving an informative speech; takes a position on an issue
  6. Problem-Solution organization
    • 1) convince audience of a problem
    • 2) uncover factors responsible for it
    • 3) outline specific steps to fix it
  7. Casual organization
    used for an informative speech; gives a cause, effect, and solution
  8. General purpose
    very simply states what you will occomplish
  9. What errors to look for in outilnes
    • not indenting
    • only having ONE of a type of sub-level
    • not capitalizing each heading
    • no internal preview
    • no transition
    • no internal summary
    • incorrect spacing
  10. Process of communication
    • 1) sender sends a message through a channel (or medium)
    • 2) receiver accepts the message and responds with feedback
    • 3) all of this happens in an environment called the context
    • 4) sometimes the process is obstructed because of interference that get in the way or even change the message
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