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  1. Ovarian Cx Risk Factors
    • Few or no children
    • older age at marriage
    • older age at first birth
    • late menopaus
    • genetic syndromes (BRCA1/BRCA2, HPNCC/Lynch Syndrome)
  2. Things that decrease risk of Ovarian CX
    • lots of children
    • breast feeding
    • oral contraceptive use
    • Prophylactic oophorectomy in high risk patients
  3. Tumor Marker for Ovarian Cx
  4. Flowchart for who gets chemo for Ovarian Cx
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  5. Adjuvant Chemo for Ovarian Cx
    • Taxane: Paclitaxel vs Docetaxel
    • Platinum: Cisplatin vs Carboplatin
  6. SE Diff between Paclitaxel vs Docetaxel in Ovarian CX
    • Paclitaxel - more neuropathy
    • Docetaxel more severe neutropenia
  7. SE Diff between Cisplanin vs Carboplatin in Ovarian CX
    • Carbo - fewer SE in general, but more myelosuppression, esp thrombocytopenia
    • Cis- more neprhotoxicity and neuropathy
  8. How is ovarian chemo given
    interperotineally but still goes systemic
  9. Options for Adjuvant Ovarian Chemo
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  10. Which should you give first, paclitaxel or platinum?
    • Paclitaxel
    • Pay your taxes first
    • cisplatin decreases paclitaxel clearance
  11. Calvert equation
    • (target AUC)x(GFR+25)=total dose in mg
    • Used for carboplatin
    • Use Cockcroft and Gault OR Jellife equation for GFR
  12. Why use calvert formula with carbo
    • Decrease toxicity
    • Increase efficacy
  13. Tax/Plat Sensitive patients who relapse after 6 months
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  14. Treatment for Tax/Plat resistant Ovarian CX
    • topotecan(most likely)
    • liposomal doxorubicin (most likely)
    • Docetaxel
    • Gemcitabine
    • Paclitaxel weekly low dose
    • etoposide PO
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