13- Tumor

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  1. Where do brain tumors arise from?
    Glial cells
  2. T/F: Neurons turn into brain tumors
  3. What are the 2 types of brain tumors?
    Primary and Secondary
  4. What are the 2 subcategories of a primary brain tumor.
    • Intraparenchymal- inside-fxnal part- of organ
    • Extraparenchymal- outside-fxnal part- of organ

  5. Glioma (astrocytoma) occurs in what type of brain tumor?
    Primary- Intraparenchymal
  6. What type of tumor occurs inside the skull and what subtype does it follow?
    • Menignioma(acoustic neuroma) - extraparenchymal
    • occurs between brain and meninges
  7. What subtype follows the secondary brain tumor?
  8. What happens during a secondary brain tumor?
    starts from another organ--> travels to blood stream--> then travels to brain.
  9. Which type of tumor metastasizes?
  10. Where do adults get tumors?
    • Cerebral hemispheres
    • sometimes tumors can tickle neurons and cause epilepsy
  11. Which part of the brain do children get tumors?
    Brainstem and cerebellum
  12. Glial tumors follow what type of traces?
    white matter
  13. Glioblastoma tumors grow where in the brain and what is it also called?
    • grows ALL over brain
    • Also called Butterfly tumor
  14. Meningioma orginates between ___ & ___
    bone and brain
  15. If extraparenchymal tumors occur outside of the brain, what kind of force is caused on it?
    a pushing force
  16. What happens when a patient gets orbital meningioma?
    behavior changes
  17. Ugly tumors are ____ and are ______
    malignant---constantly growing
  18. If there a patient has balance problems, what kind of tumor would the person have?
    Cerebellar meningioma
  19. A person has ___ if they have balance problems.
  20. Are operations normally done on kids with tumors in the brainstem?
  21. What is the most common brain tumor?
  22. How can you treat brain tumors?
    chemotherapy, irradiation, gamma knife
  23. Anything tumor that spreads from blood stream from infectin goes to ______, where it tends to get suck
  24. Which cerebral artieries hold tumors easier?
  25. What kind of cancers can cause brain cancer if it's not treated quickly?
    • lung, kidney, breast, melanoma,
    • LuCKBrm
  26. What type of tumors are highly malignant?
    multiple metastatic tumors
  27. What happens during cytoxic edema?
    everything swells because ther's a lot of water.
  28. What are some symptoms of tumors?
    • Depends on location
    • slowly progressive
    • if cortex involved, seizures are common
  29. Image Upload 1What kind of tumor is this?
    cytoxic edema
  30. Glioma and Astryocytoma occur as what type of brain tumor?
  31. Meningioma and acoustic neruoma occur as what type of brain tumor?
  32. 1. Which of the following statements about secondary tumors is incorrect?

    A. They are the most common type of brain tumor
    B. None of the
    C. They are the result of metastasis
    D. B & C
    E. They are most commonly found in the dura
    E. They are most commonly found in the dura
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  33. The spread of a tumor along white matter tracts resulting in a butterfly shape is called
  34. What is vasogenic edema?
    breakdown of tight jxns in the cells of BBB, which regulaties the flow of materials entering brain
  35. What is cytoxic edema?
    • very dangerous, break down in cell regulation of glial cells
    • water retained in grey/white matter
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