IB java almost freaking done

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  1. TCP/IP (Transmission control protocol/ Internet protocol)
    A set of communications protocols used to connect hosts on the internet
  2. top-down design
    A method of solving a problem by breaking it down into smaller subproblems until a pseudocode representation is obtained.
  3. trace
    a record of the execution of a computer algorithm exhibiting the sequences in which the instructions were executed.
  4. transaction file
    a temporary file holding data that is later used for processing, generally to update a master file.
  5. translator
    a computer program that transforms all or part of a program from one programming language to another (or into machine language suitable for execution)
  6. tree topology
    • -A network that combines the characteristics of bus and star topologies.
    • -Groups of star topologies connected toa central hub.
  7. unicode
    a standardized 16 bit character set that represents the character sets of most major languages in the world.
  8. user-defined methods
    methods written by the user which are not inherent to the language
  9. user-defined object
    object whose members and methods are degined by the user and not inherent in the language.
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