Zoo Lab 4 Exam FROGS

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  1. Caecilians belong to what order class subphylum and phylum?
    Phylum Chordata, Subphylum Vertebrata, Class Amphibia, Order Gymnophiona
  2. Salamanders belong to what order?
    Order Urodela
  3. frogs belong to what order?
  4. Name two distinct characteristics of salamanders and caecilians compared to frogs.
    caecilians have no legs, salamanders have a tail
  5. why do frogs have paratoid glands? where are they located?
    for defense theyre poison glands located behind the head
  6. what is the columnella and where is it located?
    its a small finger like bone attatched to the typanum which aids in hearing
  7. What makes up the axial skeleton in a frog?
    cranium, vertebral column and sternum
  8. what does the sacral vertebrae in a frog do?
    articulate the pelvic girdle
  9. what articulates the cranium?
  10. what is just posterior to the glottis in a frog that aids in digestion?
  11. what is the glottis?
    long slit that opens to the lungs, respiration
  12. What controls flow from stomach to douodenum?
    pyloric valve
  13. What is the function of the liver?
    produce biale
  14. what's the function of the gall bladder?
    store biale
  15. whats the function of the pancreas?
    produce digestive enzymes
  16. function of spleen?
    filter blood & autoimmune sys
  17. in frogs what is the purpose of the wolffian duct which sex has these?
    males, carry sperm to colaca
  18. How do frog reagulate oxygen?
    via skin, & lungs
  19. frog circulatory, pulmonary artery delievers blood to ?
  20. the hepatic artery delivers blood to?
  21. what delievers blood to the body wall?
    cutaneous artery
  22. what delivers blood to the arms?
    brachial artery
  23. what delivers blood the vertebrae and back of head?
    occipitalvertebral artery
  24. Frog Brain
    what composes the telencephalon?
    olfactory lobe/nerves, & cerebral hemispheres
  25. Frog Brain
    what composes the diencephalon?
    • thalamus (dorsal)
    • optic chiasma/nerves, hypothalamus, hypophysis/pituitary gland (Ventral)
  26. Frog brain
    what composes the mesencephalon?
    Optic lobes (dorsal)
  27. Frog Brain
    what composes the metencephalon?
  28. Frog Brian
    what composes the myelencephalon?
    medulla oblongata
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