ch6.lipids and bilayers

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  1. Bilayer
    • Hydrophilic heads: face water
    • Hydrophobic tails: stay away from water

    together form a phophlipid bilayer
  2. Selective permiability
    • -small nonpolar melecules pass through (permeability)
    • -large polar (hydrophilic) molecules cannot.
  3. Saturated
    • -single bonds like C-C are tightly packed
    • -carrying max possible hydrogen
    • -fatty acid tails
  4. Unsaturated
    • -if its a double bond C=C
    • -theres a kink
    • -loosely packed
  5. Diffusion
    • -movement along concentration gradient
    • -from high concentration to low
  6. Osmosis
    • -diffusion of water across lipid bilayer
    • -high concentration to low
    • -For osmosis of water to happen, two solutions have to beseparated by a selectively permeable membrane, that allows water to go through, but not thesolutes dissolved in it.
  7. Hypertonic
    water moving outside the cell
  8. Hypotonic
    the cell is submerged in a solution that has less concentration of solutes, water will move into the cell by osmosis
  9. Isotonic
    If solute concentrations of the cell and the outside solution are the same,water will move in and out at the same rate.
  10. Membrane proteins should have amphipathic nature
    Hydrophilic side to face the water outside the membrane, hydrophobic side to face the interior of the membrane.
  11. integral membrane proteins
    Proteins in the membrane may be inserted into the membrane
  12. peripheral membrane proteins
    just attached loosely on the surface
  13. Facilitated diffusion via channel proteins
    • -ion channels are pores
    • -move from high to low
    • -passive transport (no energy)
    • -gated channels (can open or close)
  14. Facilitated diffusion via carrier proteins
    • -passive transport
    • -connect to molecule to push through
    • -ex. glucose
  15. Active transport by Pumps
    • -active transport
    • -energy comes from ATP
    • -sometimes pumps only move one type of molecule or ion
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