Vocab Week 40

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  1. rhetoric
    use (sometimes exaggerated) of language

    At a time that requires tangible proposals, all he offers is unconscionable rhetoric.
  2. clique
    small, exclusive group of people

    It is not long before a young star has a clique around him who sporadically get their names into the newspapers.
  3. extol
    praise highly

    Youngsters scoff when their elders extol the halcyon days of long ago.
  4. mentor
    counselor, coach, tutor

    Amidst the adulation of the throng, the film star, in all humility, credited her mentor as the one most responsible.
  5. facile
    easily accomplished or attained

    The detective interrogated the adamant prisoner in such a facile way that he confessed after giving incontrovertible evidence.
  6. cant
    insincere or almost meaningless talk

    The diplomat was astute enough to see through the cant of the Machiavellian ambassador.
  7. umbrage
    resentment, offense

    I was flabbergasted when he took umbrage at my whimsical remarks
  8. magnanimous
    generous, noble

    I was flabbergasted when he took umbrage at my whimsical remarks
  9. vilify
    malign, slander

    We feel so sanctimonious when we vilify the character of a felon
  10. elucidate
    to make clear

    The judge ordered the censor to elucidate his reasons for removing passages from the book in such a capricious manner
  11. vapid
    uninteresting, dull

    As a concomitant to his belligerent and vituperative antipathy toward his government, he became an expatriate, but he found it a vapid life.
  12. unwieldy
    bulky, difficult to handle

    Kyra was so dis gruntled about having to move the unwieldy piano, she procrastinated for days.
  13. proximity

    As the scion of an affluent family, he was often in proximity to opulence.
  14. lassitude
    weariness, weakness

    After playing with his progeny in the enervating sun, he staggered back to his room where he was overcome with lassitude
  15. vitiate
    destroy the use or value

    The irrelevant evidence seemed to vitiate the prosecutor's case and precluded a conviction
  16. augment
    enlarge, increase

    The parsimonious octogenarian sought to augment his wealth by removing it from its cache and placing it in a bank
  17. fatuous
    foolish, silly, inane

    The new employee wanted to gain favor with his boss, and his obsequious desires led to the most fatuous behavior
  18. contort
    twist violently

    The paroxysm of coughing served to contort her body until she could gain a respite
  19. repertoire
    works that an artist is ready to perform

    Her virtuosity was demonstrated by the works she performed from her repertoire.
  20. imperceptible
    extremely slight or gradual

    He had always appeared virile, so that the imperceptible decline toward senility went unnoticed until he succumbed and began to use a cane.
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