ch.8.2.adjacent cells connect and communicate

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  1. Three types of cell-cell attachments
    • -tight junctions
    • -anchoring junctions
    • -gap junctions
  2. Tight Junctions
    • -found in tissues
    • -tight seal allows nothing to seep through
    • -exs. epithelial cells (intestine), blood vessels
    • -if necessary they can loosen
  3. Anchoring Junctions
    • -These keep adjacent cells attached to each other using easily removable rivet-­‐like joints
    • -desmosomes: allow selective adhesion between cells
    • -only adhire if matching desmosomes
  4. Gap Junctions
    • -holes or gaps in the plasma membraes
    • -allows adjacent cells to communicate
    • -gaps surrounded by proteins
    • -two come together form make continous hole
  5. Plasmodesmata
    • -analogous gap junctions in animal cells
    • -holes between adjacent plant cells
    • -ER from one cell can extend and connect with the ER in adjacent cells through plasmodesmata.
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