PoliSci Final

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  1. This is a supplement to Social Security for the elderly.
  2. This program was designed to buffer the high cost of medical care that Senior Citizens generally face.
  3. Problems with Medicare
    High cost which is rapidly increasing and the fact that Medicare is only a supplemental insurance for seniors
  4. This is a public healthcare program funded out of general revenue for
    the very poor.
  5. The main problem for which program is the High cost associated with providing free healthcare to the very poor
  6. What does SCHIP stand for?
    State Children's Health Insurance Program
  7. This program was designed to cover over half of the uninsured children in the country
  8. This program is funded through Block Grants to each state to administer this program
  9. Healthcare law that was passed last year was an:
    • Employment based Healthcare program where everyone is required to have
    • insurance and employers of larger businesses are required to provide this
    • coverage for their employees.
  10. If any law is deemed unconsitutional by the US Supreme Court it is...
    no longer considered law
  11. Federal Law that provided limited assistance to local schools for
    textbooks, libraries and other instructional material.
    Elementary and Secondary Education of 1965
  12. This act worked to end discrimination by employers where hiring minortities or traditional discriminated groups
    Civil Rights Act of 1964
  13. The act of giving preferential treatment to persons of a minority race when hiring them
    Racial Preference
  14. Essentailly this idea means placing less emphasis on qualificatios are more emphasis on race to choose employees
    Racial Preference
  15. a group of policies implemented starting in the 1960’s to redistribute
    social benefits to those groups who had less than their share
    Affirmative Action
  16. This meant that if there was 10% African American in the community there
    should be 10% African Americans working in all businesses
    Affirmative Action
  17. The most obvious policy in Affirmative Action is the:
    Implementation of Quotas
  18. How long do most farm bills last?
    About 5 years
  19. How much is the current farm bill worth?
    307 billion dollars
  20. What percentage of the farm bill goes to farmers?
    Less than 17%
  21. What percentage of the farm bill goes to Food stamps/School lunches?
  22. What is based upon a crop base that has been established for certain crops?
    Direct Payments
  23. This in an example of what?
    If a farmer has 120 acres with a cotton base average on it then he receives X amount of dollars per acre.
    Direct Payments
  24. The payment is true price support
    Counter Cyclical Payment (CP)
  25. A tagret price for each subsidized commodity is established and if the price at Harvest time is less than the target price, the farmer gets a difference check.

    What is this called?
    Counter Cyclical Payment
  26. For Counter Cyclical Payment, what happens if the price is at or above the target price at harvest time?
    The farmer receives no difference check (Like this year)
  27. The ___ million bales raised on the south plains of Texas every year equate to over _____ dollars to the South Plains economy
    • 4.5 million bales
    • 6 billion dollars

    (This goes beyond just selling cotton. Cotton farmer sells his cotton buys a tractor, a pickup and a travel trailer and so on and so on)
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