Types of reading

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  1. Basal readers
    are anthologies used to teach elementary age children developmenally approriate text (short stories, exerpts from narratives)
  2. Children's literatiure-genres
    novel, short story, science fiction, parable, fable, myth, legend, fold tale, play, mystery, historical fiction, adventure story, fantasy, poetry
  3. Literary devices
    • plot- rising action, internal/external conflict, complication, suspense, crisis, climax/turning point, resoulution
    • *Point of view
    • *setting
    • *Characterization
    • *Dialgue
    • *Foreshadowing
    • *Figurative language- metaphore (comparison using teh verb to be) simile (comparison using like/as) Hyperbole (over exaggerations) Personification (give human attributes to non human things)
    • *symbolism
    • *imageray
    • *tone
    • *theme
    • *word chice
    • *mechancs
    • *dialect
  4. Poems-types
    • lyrical-like a song
    • concrete-visual poem
    • free verse-no regular rhyme scheme
    • narrative-tells a story
    • couplet-pairl of lines that have similar shythm
    • Elegy-sad poem honoring a dead person
    • sonnet-14 lines thyme in pattern
    • limerick-5 lines humorous
    • hiku-3 lines 5/7/5 syllable
  5. poems-devices
    • verse-line in poem
    • meter-rhythm made by stressed and unstrsssed syllables
    • stanza
    • rhyme and sound patters-scheme (abbabba), onomatopeia (buzz, splash), alliteration (repeat consonant sounds-fly away featherd freinds) assonance (repeat vowel sound-burlap, sack, lap)
    • imagery
  6. Non fiction
    • biography
    • autobiagraphy
    • essay
    • news article
    • editorial
    • professional journal
    • book on a research topic
    • book review
    • politicla speech
    • techinal manula
    • primary source material-diary
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Types of reading
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