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  1. __?__ are the four overall steps of viral cellular entry.
    • 1. Virion binds specific receptor on cell surface.
    • 2. Virion enters in specialized vesicle or direct penetration of plasma membrane.
    • 3. Virion or nucleocapsid are transported within cell to site of trx and rep. (cytoplasm or nucleus)
    • 4. Viral genomes are released into cell through vesicle membrane or disintefration of capsid.
  2. Virion __?__ mediates membrane penetration.
    Conformational Changes
  3. Virion conformational changes for cellular entry are triggered by __?__ or __?__.
    • Viral surface proteins with cellular receptors in the membrane; or
    • Exposure to low pH inside the endosome.
  4. Enveloped viruses enter through __?__ with either the __?__ or __?__.
    • Membrane fusion
    • The plasma membrane; or
    • intracellular vessicle membrane
  5. Non-enveloped viruses enter the cytosol by __?__ or __?__.
    • Transmembrane channel (capsid or just genome fit through); or
    • inducing lysis of the endocytic vessicle
  6. __?__ are the 5 entry methods via fusion and there destinations.
    Macropinocytosis (rac-rho), Non-clathrin/caveolae endocytosis, Clathrin mediated cytosis - all go to endosome, and caveolae - goes to ER
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