Virology T7 and Lambda

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  1. T7 and lambda's virions are __?__.
    • Naked icosahedral
    • T7 has a short tail
    • Lambda has a long flexible tail
  2. T7 life cycle includes __?__.
    • 1. Adsorption (attachment through tail fiber)
    • 2. Injection of DNA
    • 3. Trx/Tln early genes
    • 4. Replication
    • 5. Trx/Tnl late genes
    • 6. Assembly in cytoplas
    • 7. Release by lysis
  3. Genome is organized as __?__.
    Class 1 (early), 2 (rep.), and 3 (structure/assembly) which are clustered by function and timing
  4. DNA entry is characterized by __?__. (x4)
    • Injection
    • bacterial RNA pol recognition
    • Spooling (coupled to trx)
    • At TE sequence bacterial pol releases mRNA and viral pol takes over
  5. Lambda is a good example of a viruse that has __?__ or __?__ life cylces.
    • Lytic
    • Lysogenic
  6. Induction is: __?__. and is controlled by __?__.
    The switch from lysogeny to lytic modes and is controlled by CL (represses Pr and Pl) and CRO (represses Prm to cont turn down Pr and Pl)

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Virology T7 and Lambda
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Virology T7 Lambda

Virology T7 and Lambda
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