biology final

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  1. What is physiology
    function of the body
  2. What are the 11 organ systems in the body
    Circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, integumentary, musclar, nervous, reproductive, respritory, skeletal, urinary.
  3. circulatory
    • transports gases
    • Heart and blood vessels
  4. digestive
    • breaks down food for energy
    • stomace, liver, galbladder, small intestine
  5. endocrine
    • regulate hormones in the body
    • pancreas, testes, ovaries...
  6. immune
    • fights off infection
    • bone marrow, thymus gland, spleen, lymph nodes
  7. integumentary
    • pritection
    • skin
  8. muscular
    • body movement
    • muscle
  9. nervous
    • controls everything
    • spinal cord. nerves, brain
  10. reproductive
    • creates new offspring
    • testes & overies
  11. respiratory
    • brings in gases
    • lungs
  12. skeletal
    • structure and protection
    • bones and joints
  13. urinary
    filters blood and expells waste
  14. What is the function of the skin
    protection, temp. regulation, excreation, synthesis
  15. 3 levels of skin from superficial to deep
    Epidermis, dermis, hypodermis
  16. what 3 tissues make up the skin
    • muscle tissue
    • nervous tissue
    • Epithelial tissue
  17. What protein makes up the epidermis and hair
    Horny Protein
  18. What is the function of a seabaceous gland
    produces sebum
  19. what is the function of a sweat gland
    Temp. Control
  20. What is the Aveoli
    Air sack in lings where gas exchange happens
  21. Humans have _____lungs?
    2 lings with 2 lobes on the left and 3 on the right
  22. What is a open circulatory system
    blood not contained in vessels
  23. Arteries, veins, and capillaries do what?
    • Arteries carry blood away from heart.
    • Veins carry blood to heart
    • Capillaries connect arteries to veins
  24. Which layer of the hair containes the pigment that gives it it's color
  25. 3 different type of skeletal systems in animals
    • hydraulic- no bones (worms)
    • Exoskeleton- skeleton on outside (crabs)
    • endoskeleton- skeleton on inside (humans)
  26. Bone tissue
    form skeletal framework
  27. cartilage
    padding for joints; main structure for aquatic animals (sharks)
  28. Tendons
    attach muscle to bone
  29. Ligament
    connect bone to bone
  30. 3 types of bone cells
    • osteoblast- builder
    • osteocytes- trapped
    • osteoclast- heal
  31. What is in spongy bone
    Bone marrow (creates red blood cells)
  32. 3 types of muscle tissue
    • skeletal- attaches to bone
    • cardio- only in the heart
    • smooth muscle- hollow organs
  33. difference between voluntary and involuntary muscle
    • Voluntary- all skeletal muscle
    • involuntary- heart and organs
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