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  1. Those with a felony conviction are not allowed to vote this is reffered to as ___
  2. to define race as a biological concept that divides man kind into catagories related to skin color and other physical features is often results in _________
  3. the fact that African americans and latinos are subjected to the CJ system at higher rates than other groups is________
  4. In terms of culture the US is a _______
  5. When groups are differently treated with out regard to their behavior or qualifications __________ occurs
  6. The argument that African Americans are more criminal than whites by nature ____
    is not sustained by the evidence
  7. Many observers believe that the relationship between racism and the CJ system is_____
  8. The gap between unemployment rates for african americans men and every other group grows when__________
  9. ________ adults have commited a serious offense in their life
    Nearly all
  10. The victims perception of the race of the offender__________
    is off
  11. A consequence of the view of differintial criminality would be that____
  12. Which of the following contribute to high rates of incarceration of AA
  13. CJ officials make a variety of decisions that disadvantages minority males these include_______
  14. The problem of disporportanity is_____ if the problem is not racist ppl but disadvantagious rules and practices
    more complicated
  15. The high % of young AA men behind bars result in their _______
  16. Prison surpassed college as a place for young AA men after ___ (Year)
  17. No one can dispute the _______ impact of the prison systems growth on young men of color
  18. AA make up 40% of the prison population but _______% of all american residents
  19. If current rates of incarceration continue nearly _____ of all AA children born today will go to prison
  20. 1 in 3 AA men are ________
    Under correctional supervision
  21. Patterns of diproportunate representation in the CJ system
  22. In the everyday thinking of many americans crime is a ________ phenoma
  23. Self reports studies show that __________ have committed a crime
    nearly everyone
  24. It is estimated that ______ AA men are permantly banned from voting
    13% 1.4 million
  25. The belief that executions of wrong doers deter others from committing the crime reflects ______
  26. The belief that one who takes anothers life deserves a punishment equal to the victims fate _______
  27. opponents of the death penalty that only ________ has the right to take a life
  28. Opponents of capital punishment argue that _______
    There is no evidence that the death penatly deters violent crime
  29. supporters of captial punishment argue that it will _______
    deter violent crime
  30. Studies show that the public
  31. Mark Custanzo found that the public _____ when ppl chose between deathand life w/o parole
    is evenly split
  32. Ford v wainwright
    execution of the mentaly ill probhibited even after being sentenced
  33. Who gets the death penatly is a result of
    fall steadily
  34. It took appx. how long for Angel Diaz to die by lethal injection in florida
    a half hour
  35. Until the mid 1700s criminal punishment in Europe and america colonies focused on the offenders
  36. executions in most parts of the country were carried out in the public until _______
    the 1830s
  37. After 1935 the number of executions began to _________
  38. the number of states w/o the DP has _______ in recent years
  39. since 1976 the number of ppl facing the death penatly has ______-
    increased dramatically
  40. anaylists argue that public opinion for the DP is _________
    somewhat confusing
  41. In other western democracies the DP has been ___________
  42. the latest attempt to impose capital punishment in a way that does not offend modern cultural sensabilities is ______
  43. To ensure through delibration before imposing the DP legislatures enacted _________
    2 stage decision making process
  44. Research shows that DP is more likely to be imposed when_________
  45. Atkins v Virginia
    execution of the mentally retarded is illleagal
  46. In which case was it ruled that offenders cannot recieve the DP if they were under 18 at the time of the crime
    roper v simmons
  47. consular officials must be notified when______
  48. Of the 22 thousands arrests for murder and non neglagent man slaughter fewer that _________ recieved the DP
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