Virology Adenovirus

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  1. Adenovirus's virion is __?__.
    naked icosahedral with protruding knobbed fibers at vertices
  2. Adenovirus's genome is __?__
    • linear dsDNA with short inverted terminal sequences and both 5' ends are covalently bound to a virus coded terminal prot.
    • 1 promoter with different poly A signals (splicing)
  3. Examples of Adenovirus include:
    Ovine adenovirus D
  4. Adenovirus distinct characteristics include: (3)
    • Multiple mRNA arise by extensice alternative splicing
    • 1 strong promoter with multiple poly A signals ( each stop is a different prot)
    • DNA syn primed by terminal prot ( uses own DNA POL)
  5. __?__ is the role of E1A and is associated with which other virus?
    activates trx and induces the host cell to enter S phase of cycle by binding pRb)
  6. __?__ is the role of E1B.
    Induces cell growth by promoting degredation of p53 and suppresses apoptosis
  7. The role of E3 is to __?__.
    • block MHC transport to plasma membrane
    • Cell immune evasion
  8. What is unique about Adenovirus replication?
    • dsDNA is primed by protein (not RNA)
    • replication creates single strand by seperating two strands.
    • Single strand is covered in "DNA binding prot" and cyclizes creating a "panhandle".
    • Another Pol can the replicate this strand giving two complete dsDNA copies
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Virology Adenovirus
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