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  1. Five Pillars
    The Five Pillars of Islam (Arabic arkan ud-Din, "pillars of the faith") are five religious duties expected of every Muslim. The five pillars are mentioned individually throughout the Qur'an and Muhammad listed them together in the Hadith when he was asked to define Islam.

    • 1. Daily confession of faith (shahada)
    • 2. Daily ritual prayer (salat)
    • 3. Paying the alms tax (zakat)
    • 4. Fasting [going without food or drink] during the month of Ramadan (sawm)
    • 5. Pilgrimmage to Mecca (hajj)
  2. Allah
    • One true god of Islam - has 99 names
    • Strict monotheism
  3. Ritual of the Hajj
    Located in Mecca, Saudi ArabiaThe birthplace of Muhammad and sacred to Islam

    • - throwing stones at Satan
    • - standing at Arafat - Adam and Eve connect after Garden of Eden, prep for judgement day
    • - circling the Kaba - tradition, was what Muhammad did, state of ihram
    • - running between 2 hills - Hagar's search for water
    • - kill sheep - feast of scrifice when Allah allows Abraham to subsitute a animal for his son
    • - sleep under the stars
  4. Jihad
    ("striving"). Holy war; the defense of Islam against its enemies. Sufism focuses on the "greater" jihad against sin in oneself.
  5. Sharia
    • (path) Islamic law, both political and religious.
    • the body of Islamic law, law of Islam, concept of the right way
  6. Quran / Koran
    • ("recitation). The sacred text of Islam, revealed to Muhammad over a 20-year period by the Angel Gabriel.
    • Words of God delivered by Angel to Muhammad, no human authorship involved
    • 114 surahs - chapters, each containing approx. 6,000 verses
    • Muhammad as ideal human
    • Hadith - "narrative, recollection" a report of what Muhammad did, said or allowed
  7. Caliph
    "Deputy, successor" those who succeeded Muhammad as the leaders of the Muslim community
  8. Sunni
    • traditionalist (85% Muslims)
    • Importance of tradition and practice
    • Elaborate of Muslims religious thought
    • majority of Muslims
  9. Shiite
    • successer should be in bloodline of Muhammad
    • Party of Ali, cousin of Muhammad
    • Belief in Hidden Imam
    • Development of messianic belifs
    • 10% of Muslims
  10. Mosque
    house of prayers (gather on Friday)
  11. Imam
    • Sunni Islam - leader of prayer
    • Shiites - the leader/successor
  12. Kaba
    • shrine of idols, center of Great Moss of MEcca, represent one god of Islam
    • Cube-shaped monument in Mecca containing a sacred black stone. All Muslim prayer faces the direction (qibla) of the Ka'ba.
  13. Id al-Adha
    • the day of sacrifice
    • this feast of the sacrifice to eat sheep when Abramham was asked to sacrific son
    • ("Feast of the Sacrifice"). Holiday marking the end of the hajj.
  14. Ramadan
    • month of fasting at sunrise to sundown
    • eat after sun set
    • The ninth month in the Islamic calendar, for the duration of which Muslims fast during the daylight hours to commemorate the giving of the Qur'an. See Holidays: Ramadan and Practices: Sawm.
  15. Id al-Fitr
    • day of breaking the Ramadan Fast
    • time of feasting with family
    • ("Feast of the Breaking of the Fast"). Holiday celebrated at the end of the month of Ramadan.
  16. New Year festival
    celebrates the Hijrah (when Muhammad became ruler) and for Shiite branch, recalls the death of Husayn
  17. Muhammad's birthday
    recitation of prophets biography (in Hadith)
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