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  1. Which of the following is a fluid?
    a. helium
    a. helium
  2. Which of the follwing is not a fluid?
    cabon dioxide
    sea water
    b. hydrogen
  3. because of buoyan force act opposite direction of gravity,
    object supmerged in water have net force smaller than their weight
  4. which of the following stements about floating objects is correct?
    the buoyant force equals the objects weight
  5. which statement is not correct bout fluids?
    fluid has a definite shape
  6. which of the following statents about completely submerged objects resting on the ocean bottom is correct?
    the apparent weight of the object depends on the objects density.
  7. the temperature in container of fluid is
    a measure of the avg kinetic energy of particles of fluid
  8. Increasing the temp of fluid
    increases the speed of particles
  9. for an ideal fluid flowing through a horizontal pipe Bernoulli;s equattion stat the sume of pressure and energy per unit volume along the pipe does which of the following
    remains constant as pipe diameter increases
  10. municipal water supply is provided by a tall tower. Water from this tower flows to a building. How does the water flow of the ground floor fauset compare to an second floor fauset?
    water flows more rapidly of the ground floor faucet
  11. person is standing near the edge of a railroad track when a high speed train passes. Ther person tends to be . . .
    pulled toward the train
  12. which is not a bariable that decribes teh macroscopic state of an ideal gas
  13. whcich is not an example of approximate simple harmonic motion
    a ball bouncing on the floor
  14. triplin the displacement from equilibrium of an object in simple harmonic motion will change the magnitude of the objects maxx acceleration by what factor
  15. a mass attached to a spring vibrates back and forth. At equilibrium postion
    the velocity reaches a max
  16. a mass attched to a spring vibrates back and forth. and mas displacemtnt the spring force and the
    acceleration reach a max
  17. a simple pendulum swings in simpl harmonic mostion at max displacment
    the accelration reaches a max
  18. the angle bw the string of pendulum at its equilibrium position and at its masimum displacement is its
  19. for a mas hanging form a spring the max displacement the spring is stretched or compressed from its equilibrium postion to
  20. which of the following is the time it takes to complete a cycle of motion
  21. which is the following is the number of cyucles or vibration per unit of time
  22. how are frequency and period realtated in simpe harmonic motion
    they are inversely related
  23. by what factor should the length of simple pendulum be changed if the period of vibrations were to be tripled
  24. whcih of the following is single nonperiodic disturbance
    pulse wave
  25. which is following is wave whose source is some from of repeating motion
    periodic wave
  26. on ed of taunt rope is fixed to a ost what type of wave is demonstrated in the free end is quickly raised
    pulse wave
  27. on the ongitudeianl wave the compressed regions corespond to
  28. the wave for of longitudinal wave (stetched region ) coreespond to
  29. what happens to the energy carried in a givin time interval by a mechanical wave when the wave's amp. is doubled
    in increases by a factor of 4
  30. what happens ot energy carried in a given time tinterval by mechanical wave whent he wave's amp is halved
    decreases by a factor of 4
  31. tow waves can occupy the same b/c waves are
    displacements of matter
  32. superposition of mechanical waves can be observed in movement of
    waves in a ripple tank
  33. which of the following is the enterference that results when individual displacements on the same side of the equilibrium position are added together to form the resultant wave
  34. which of following is interferecne that results when individual displacement on opp sides of the equilibrium postion are added together to form the resultant wave
  35. 2 waves going toward eachother with on big hump and on small hump will cause what type of interfernce
    partial constucitive
  36. 2 wave goign at eachother with a big hump and a small dip will cuase
    partial dectrutive
  37. 2 wave going at eachother with an equal hump and dip will cause
    complete destructive
  38. consider to identical wave pluses on rope suppose the first reachees the dixed end of the rope is reflected back and the n meets the scond pulse when the pulses overlap exactly the supersosition principle perdicts taht the amp of resultan pulse at monment will
    factor 0 times the amp of one the orginal pulses
  39. fixed boundry waves are
    relected and inverted
  40. a studend send pulse traveling on rope wiht one end attached to post studedn will observe
    the pulse will be reflected and inverted is rope is fixed to the post
  41. standing waves are produced by periodic waves of
    same frequencey amplidude and wavelength traveling in opp dricetions
  42. Image Upload 1
    how many nodes and antinoded are shown
    • 2 noded,
    • 3 antinodeds
  43. fewest number of nodes a standing wave can have
  44. Image Upload 2
    how many nodes and antinode are show in standing wave above
    • five nodes
    • four antinodes
  45. sound waves
    are longitudinal waves
  46. the rough of the since curve used to represent a sond wave correspond to
  47. whcich of th following is region opf a longituinal wave in whcih the density and pressure are greater than normal
  48. which of the followin is the region of a longitudinal wave in which the density and pressure are laess than normal
  49. how haigh or low we percive a sond to be is defined at
  50. which of the following is the number of cycles per unit of time
  51. pitch refers
    to many vibration per second perceived by human ear
  52. whish has a higher speed of sound
  53. which statement about sound waves is correct
    they generally travel faster through solids than gasses
  54. which of the following are series of comperssion in graphical representation of spherical and plane waves
    wave fronts
  55. as a train stats from rest hen accelerates down the track coming toward an observer faster and faster the frequence of the sound waves coming toward th eobserver will
    constantly increase
  56. doppler effect occurs with
    all waves
  57. as sound source approahes and the moves past a stationary observer the observer will hear
    sudden drop in pitch
  58. if yo hear th pitch of sieren become lower you know that
    the sourse has just passes you is acceleratin away
  59. if you are on train ho wwill pitch of the whistle sound as the train moves
    will not change
  60. property of sound call intensity is
    proportional to the rate at wich sound energy flows through an area normal to dircetion of propagation
  61. the intensity of sound is increased by a factor of 100 the new decible level will be
    20 units greater
  62. what is intensity of sound wave in relation ot the intensity aat the thershold of hearing
  63. which of the followin is the ocndition that exists when the frequency of a force applid to system matches the natural frequence of vibration of the system
  64. sound twince the intensity of the faintest audible sound is not perceived as twice as loud b/c the sensation of ludness is
    approx. longarithmic in human ear
  65. for standing wave in the air column in a pipe that is open at both ends, ther must be at least
    two aninoded on one node
  66. both end of pipe are open
    all harmonics are present
  67. in one end of pice is closed
    onle odd harmonics are present
  68. effecto of sound on the ear are loudness pictch and quality. Loudness is effect of _________, pitch is an effect of __________, and timpbre is an effect of __________
    intensity, frequency , harmonic content
  69. which of the followin si the quality of a steady musical sond that is the result of a mixture of harmonics present at different intensidties
  70. describes and instruments own characteristic full sond and mix of harmonics at varying intensities
  71. phenomenon in created by 2 tuning forks side by side that emit frequences tht differ by only a small amount
  72. beats are formed by interfernce of 2 waves
    of slightly diffrent frequencies traveling in same direction
  73. which portion of electromagnetic spectrum is used in a telvision
    radio waves
  74. electromanetic spectrum used in aircraft navigation
  75. which portion o fhte elctromagnetis spectrum is used to sterilize medical instruments
    ultraviolet ligh
  76. which portion of electromagnetic spectrum is used to id fluoresent mineralst
    ultraviolet light
  77. in a vacuum electromagnetic radiation of short wavelenghts
    travels as fast as radiation of long wavelenghts
  78. when red light is compred with vilet light
    red light travels faster than violet light
  79. if yo know the wvelenght of any form of electromagnetic radiation you can determine its frequency b/c
    all wavelenght trave at same speed
  80. relation ship b/w frequence wavelenght and speed holds for light waves b/c
    fiffrent form s of elctromagnetic radiation travel at diffrenet speeds
  81. farther ligh is form source
    the more spread out light becomes
  82. reading a ook and move twice as far form light source hw does brightness compare
  83. snow reflects ammost all of light incedent upon it however a single beam of light is not relfected in the form of paralled rays. this and example of ________ relectio of a _______ surface
    diffuse, rough
  84. highly polished finsh on a new car provides a __________- surface for _____________ reflection
    smooth specular
  85. when incoming rays of light strike a flat mirror at an angle close to the surface of mirror the reflected rays are
    close to mirror's surface
  86. when straight line is drawn perpendicular to flat miior the point where an incoming ray strike the mirror's surfcae the angles of incedence and reflection are measured from the normal and
    the angles of incidence and frelection are equal
  87. if ligh ray strikes a flat mirror at and angle of 27 degrees from normal the relected ray will be
    27 degrees form the normal
  88. image of obj in flat miror is always
    same size as object
  89. when two parllel miiror are places os they face one onther ___________ images from thsi is b/c the mage in one mirror becomes the _________ for the other
    • multiple
    • object
  90. which of the following best decribes the image produced by a flat mirror
    virtual upright and magnification equal to one
  91. when the reflection of an obj seen in flat mirror the distiance form mirro to image depends on
    the distance form obj to the mirror
  92. in a concave mirror an obj in bw the focal point and mirror would be
    virual and enlarged and upright
  93. in a convex mirror an obj in bw the focal point and mirror would be
    virtual reduced and upright
  94. best decribes image of concave mirror when obj is greater distance the twice the focal point distance from mirror
    real inverted and magnificaiont less than one
  95. when relection on and obj is falst mirro the image is
    virtual and upright
  96. parabolic mirror insteat of sherical mirror can be used to reuce the occurence of
    spherical aberration
  97. red light and greend light shine on same spot of white paper the spot apperars
  98. not a dditive primary color
  99. color ellow pigment subtract form white lighe
  100. which is not a primary subtactive color
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