Gait and DC

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  1. 4 Point Gait
    Crutch with opposite leg
  2. 2 Point Gait
    Crutch and opposite leg at the same time
  3. 3 point
  4. 3 point modified
  5. PT vs PTA role in discharge
    • PT: will complete discharge summary
    • will make decisions related to equipment follow up needed ect.
    • PTA: will provide input
    • As directed by the PT will provide needed training devlop HEP, and assist with equipemtn acquisition safety, check and fitting
  6. LTAC
    • lont term acute care
    • have to stay for 25 days for more significant or acute medical conditions
  7. SNF
    • skilled nursing facility
    • tends to be short term stay for medical or therapy needs
    • Pt needs to demonstrate progress
  8. ICF
    • Intermediate care facility
    • expect to have a long term stay
    • Nursing home
  9. Assisted Living
    • relatively independent, has meals provided often in a community setting
    • some assit available for an extra cost
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