Virology Baculovirus

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  1. Baculovirus's virioin is __?__.
    • Enveloped rod shape nucleocapsid with tegument
    • Two types of virion - Budded and occlusion derived
  2. Baculovirus's genome is __?__.
    Circular dsDNA arranged in the virion as a cylindrical core and condensed by small basic virus coded prot.
  3. Baculovirus's genes are called __?__.
    • Immediate early: early gene activation
    • Early: DNA rep, late gene activation
    • Late: Assembly of budded virions (capsid/env prot)
    • Very Late: assembly of occluded virions
  4. Baculovirus examples include __?__.
  5. Baculovirus's distinct characteristics include __?__. (3)
    • Occlusion bodies contain virions in a form that allows insect-to-insect transmission
    • Widely used for high-level expression of foreign prot
    • Biological insecticides
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Virology Baculovirus
Virology Baculovirus
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