History Quiz 2

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  1. Chloroform
    The liquid drug used to anesthetize(put to sleep)wounded soldiers in the war.
  2. Confederacy or CSA
    The alliance of 11 Southern states to form the Vonfederate States of America.
  3. Contraband
    Goods illegally traded during wartime. Slaves were sometimes called contraband during the war.
  4. Copperhead
    A northern democrat who agreed with Southern secession and clamored for peace during the war.
  5. Deploy
    To spread out armies to create a battle line.
  6. Desertion
    To leave one's military position, or to run away from battle, often punishable by death.
  7. Dixie
    Slang term for the Confederacy, also a popular Southern song.
  8. Draft or conscription
    The selection of citizens for mandatory military service.
  9. Drill
    The process of instructing recruits how to arch and practice the military acts as a unit.
  10. Dysentery
    An often fatal disease of the human intestines, usually caused by unsanitary conditions of military camps and battle sites.
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