History Quiz 4

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  1. Minie ball
    The standard rifle bulled used in war. From France, it made the rifle more accurate and led to staggering casualties
  2. Picket
    One or more soldiers responsible for guard duty, always watchful for enemy approach
  3. Rank
    Military leadership in order of importance and decision-making responsibilities usually prioitized from the Commander-in-Chiev, General of the Army, Lt. General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, First Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private
  4. Rations
    Military term for food
  5. Rebel or Confederate, Butternut, Grayback, Johnny Reb or Reb
    A slang term for a soldier fighting for the South
  6. Recruit
    A soldier who has just signed up to be a soldier and is without battle experience
  7. Rifled musket
    The standard infantry weapon used in the war
  8. Salt pork
    The most common meat ration during the war, along with hardtack and coffee. The pork was salted to preserve it.
  9. Secede
    To withdraw from the union, as 11 southern states did in 1860-1861
  10. Strategy
    The art of military command as to an overall plan of war
  11. Sulter
    Dry goods salesman who traveled with the Northern armies.
  12. Tactics
    The art of maneuvering troops on a battlefield
  13. Torpedo
    Civil War term for an underwater mine that exploded. Used on rivers to defend against enemy ships
  14. Turning movement
    a military tactic. Sending troops around the enemy's flank side to attack his line of communications in the rear of his battle line.
  15. Union
    The collection of 23 Northern states which fought the rebellious Convederacy during the Civil War. Also called the United States of America.
  16. Yank or The Blue, Federals, or Billy Yanks
    Term for soldiers who fought for the Union
  17. Zauave
    Soldiers in voloful uniforms patterned after French infantry soldiers and who specialized on precision drilling.
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