HITT 1253

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  1. Patient abuse is the_____or______ of residents/patients/clients that are under the care of a health care organization
    mistreatment, neglect
  2. ____can be physical, psychological, medical and financial
  3. abuse is not always easy to identify because____can often be attributed to threats of______
    injuries, being placed in a nursing home
  4. ___of abuse include unexplained or unexpected death, broken bones,sudden and unexpected emotional____and agitation
    signs, outbursts
  5. caregivers who____resident abuse are expected to report their findigns, document symptoms and conditions of suspected abuse, clearly define signs of abuse, and ensure that proper follow-up, per facility policy occurs.
  6. an abused child is one who has suffered____serious mental harm, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and physical inflicted by a parent or other person responsible for the child's care.
  7. The various states have enacted various child abuse statues to require_____
    good-faith reporting
  8. an individual who reports child abuse should be aware of the physical and _____indicators of abuse and maltreatment that appears to be part of a_____
    behavioral, pattern
  9. Behavioral indicators of abuse include_____impulses
  10. balancing the law and principles of ethics, the administrator of a health care facility is responsible for the____conditions inwhich his or her nursing facility
  11. the voluntary agreement by a person who posseses sufficient mental capacity to make an intelligent choice to allow something proposed by another to be performed on himself or herself.
  12. form of either "verbal" agreement or can be acomplished through the execution of a "written" document authorizing medical care
    express consent
  13. legal concept that provides that a patient has a right to know the potential risks, benefits, and alternatives of a proposed procedure
    informed consent
  14. is as binding as written consent, for there is, in general, no legal requirement that a patient's consent be in writing
    oral consent
  15. provides visible proof of a patien's wishes
    written consent
  16. Patients have the right to make decisions regarding their own____
    health care
  17. generally presumed when immediate action is required to prevent death or permanent impairment of a patient's health
    implied consent
  18. Patients should be informed of their right and responsibilites at the time of____
  19. patients have rights and also
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