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  1. What person seeks to recover financial damages in a civil law proceedings, the case is heard under?
  2. Tart is?
    Civil harm
  3. Contract is?
    A binding agreement between 2 or more people
  4. Equity
    Prevent harm from occuring
  5. courts structure of TX differs from 48 other states because
    TX has two supreme courts, one for civil and one for criminal cases
  6. One may appeal a case from a trial court to an appeals court for each accept
    the defendant was unhappy with the outcome of the decision
  7. When a grand jury returns an indictment, this means that
    a defendant has been formally charged with committing a felony and must stand charges
  8. Judical review occurs
    A court determins that an executive officer has acted in a way which violates the athority granted to that officer
  9. Dillions rule is that local units of government
    Limit structures of power
  10. Counties differ from municipalites and special districts
    counties are authorized by the state (created)
  11. Felonies such as bank robers, murderers go to what court?
    District court
  12. What are the two types of jurries?
    • Trial Jury -randomlly selected
    • Grand Jury - determined if sufficient evidence to be treated for felony
    • The purpose is to review evidence prosecuters put forward
  13. What are the three grand appeals
    • 1. Law adn procedures
    • 2. Rules adn evidence
    • 3. Constitutional or leagality of law
  14. What judges are not elected
  15. Normal method of judical selection is appointment
    Municipal courts
  16. County courts can hear which types of cases?
    Class A&B misdeameanors
  17. Class C misdemeanors are heard by what court?
    J.P court
  18. The legal status of municipal govt is that of
    A voluntarily or created general purpose subdivision of the state governement to provide services to the people who live within its juristriction
  19. couty legal status
    administratve subdivision of the state
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