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  1. What are the processes and their corresponding process groups in the Scope Management knowledge area?
    • Collect Requirements: Planning
    • Define Scope: Planning
    • Create WBS: Planning
    • Verify Scope: Monitoring and Controlling
    • Control Scope: Monitoring and Controlling
  2. What is "Gold Plating"? Does PMI advocate it?
    The practice of delivering more than was agreed upon. No, PMI does not support it as it increases risk and uncertainty.
  3. What 3 components make up the Scope Baseline?
    • Project Scope Statement
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • WBS Dictionary
  4. What 2 processes must take place before Collect Requirements?
    • Define Project Charter
    • Identify Stakeholders
  5. What are the 2 inputs to Collect Requirements?
    • Project Charter (contains high-level requirements)
    • Stakeholder Register
  6. What is a Facilitated Workshop?
    A Collect Requirements tool that colocates all key stakeholders together with a facilitator to elaborate requirements.
  7. Give 2 specific examples of facilitated workshops
    • Joint Application Development
    • Quality Function Deployment
  8. What are the 8 tools of Collect Requirements?
    • Interviews
    • Focus Groups
    • Facilitated Workshops
    • Group Creativity Techniques
    • Group Decision Making Techniques
    • Questionnaires and Surveys
    • Observation / Job Shadowing
    • Prototypes
  9. Give 5 examples of Group Decision Making Techniques
    • Unanimity - 100% agreement
    • Majority - >50%
    • Consensus - group agrees, even if individuals do not
    • Plurality - option w/ largest block of people wins, even if < 50%
    • Dictatorship - 1 person makes decision (not favored)
  10. Give 4 examples of Group Creativity Technique
    • Brainstorming
    • Nominal Group Technique
    • Delphi Technique
    • Idea and Mind Mapping
  11. Define Nominal Group Technique
    A group creativity technique where brainstormed ideas are voted on and sorted by priority
  12. Define Delphi Technique
    A group creativity technique where participants don't know who the others are so they aren't influenced. Prevents groupthink.
  13. Define Idea and Mind Mapping
    A group creativity technique that diagrams and associates ideas graphically.
  14. What are the 3 outputs from Collect Requirements?
    • Requirements Documentation
    • Requirements Management Plan
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix
  15. What does the Requirements Traceability Matrix document?
    It ties each requirement to the stakeholder who owns the requirement.
  16. What 4 decisions does the Requirements Management Plan detail?
    • How requirements will be collected
    • How decisions will be made
    • How changes to requirements will be handled
    • How requirements will be documented
  17. What 6 elements should be addressed in the Requirements Docuemntation?
    • The root business problem being solved
    • How each requirement addresses the problem
    • Measurements for each requirement
    • Business, legal, and ethical compliance
    • Constraints and assumptions
    • Anticipated impact of each requirement on others
  18. Which output of Collect Requirements is a component of the Project Management Plan?
    Requirements Management Plan
  19. How is Define Scope different from Collect Requirements
    Define Scope takes the requirements defined in Collect Requirements and adds additional detail and analysis
  20. Define the 2 key inputs to Define Scope
    • Project Charter
    • Requirements Documentation (from Collect Requirements process)
  21. Define the 4 tools used by Define Scope
    • Expert Judgement (generally technical experts)
    • Product Analysis
    • Alternatives Identification
    • Facilitated Workshops
  22. What is the key output from Define Scope
    Project Scope Statement
  23. What 6 elements are included in the Project Scope Statement?
    • The goals of the project
    • Product description
    • Requirements
    • Constraints and assumptions
    • Identified risks related to scope
    • Objective acceptance criteria
  24. What project management deliverable is the primary tool for verifying and controlling project scope?
    The Work Breakdown Structure
  25. What are the 2 key inputs to Create WBS?
    • Project Scope Statement (from Define Scope process)
    • Requirements Documentation (from Collect Requirements process)
  26. What is the only tool used in Create WBS?
  27. Define "Decomposition"
    The primary tool used by Create WBS, it breaks the requirements down into lower levels of granularity until the lowest level contains manageable "work packages".
  28. What are the 3 criteria for determining if a WBS node is a sufficiently-decomposed "Work Package"?
    • It can not be easily decomposed further
    • It is small enough to be estimated for time and cost
    • It can be assigned to a single person
  29. Why might you want to leave a node of the WBS at a large/high-level?
    If the node is being sub-contracted. Sub-contractor will be responsible for breaking it down.
  30. Who should create the WBS?
    The project manager AND the project team. Create WBS may be a good team-building activity.
  31. What are the 3 key outputs from Create WBS?
    • WBS
    • WBS Dictionary
    • Scope Baseline
  32. What 5 additional attributes may be included in the WBS Dictionary?
    • Written requirements for node
    • Who it's assigned to
    • Time info
    • Cost info
    • Account info
  33. Which output from Create WBS is placed under control when it's created?
    Scope Baseline
  34. What is difference between Verify Scope and Perform Quality Control?
    • VS is concerned with completeness where PQC is concerned with correctness.
    • VS is concerned with acceptance of product where PQC is concerned with adherence to quality specification.
  35. Although Verify Scope and Perform Quality Control CAN be done simultaneously, which is oftened performed first?
    Perform Quality Control
  36. What are the 4 inputs to Verify Scope
    • Project Management Plan (contains Scope Baseline)
    • Requirements Documentation
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix
    • Validated Deliverables ("validated" because they passed Perform Quality Control process)
  37. What is the only tool used by Verify Scope
  38. What are the 2 key outputs from Verify Scope
    • Accepted Deliverables
    • Change Requests
  39. What are the 4 key inputs to Control Scope
    • Project Management Plan (contains Scope Baseline)
    • Work Performance Information
    • Requirements Documentation
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix
  40. What is the only tool used by Control Scope
    Variance Analysis
  41. What are the 4 key outputs from Control Scope
    • Work Performance Measures
    • Change Requests
    • Organizational Process Assets Updates
    • Project Management Plan Updates
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