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  1. The stage of social and emotional development that Erikson believed was typically experienced during adolescence
    "Who am I and why am I here?"
  2. The characteristics of the four adolescent identity statuses
  3. Adolescents will typically choose friends similar in what categories?
    • Adolescents choose friends similar in:
    • -Sex
    • -Race/Ethnicity
    • -Academic attitude
    • -Risky or problem behavior
  4. The three types of cliques
    • 1)Member: ties to only one group.
    • 2) Liaison: ties to more than one group.
    • 3) Isolate: not connected to any group.
  5. The four types of parenting styles
    • 1)Authoritarian: relentlessly imposing rules and demanding obedience.
    • 2) Permissive: parenting style emphasizing self-expression and self-regulation.
    • 3) Uninvolved: do whatever you want.
    • 4) Authoritative: have rules and control, but explain why they are necessary in a loving and caring way.
  6. Everything we said regarding adolescent suicide
    • 1) About 25% of US high school students have seriously considered suicide.
    • 2) Girls are more likely to consider suicide.
    • 3) Boys are more likely to successfully commit suicide.
    • 4) This is at least partially due to the fact
    • that boys are more likely to use guns, while girls are
    • more likely to ingest substances, such as sleeping
    • pills.
  7. Which of the four adolescent identity statuses did we say each adolescent character had?
  8. Which of the three types of cliques did we say each adolescent character fell into?
    • Andrew (the jock): Member
    • Brian (the smart one): Liaison
    • Bender (the rebel): Member
    • Allison (the loner): Isolate
    • Claire ( the popular one): Member
  9. Which of the four parenting styles did we say each adolescent character's parent(s) had?
    • Andrew (the jock): Authoritarian
    • Brian (the smart one): Authoritarian
    • Bender (the rebel): Uninvolved
    • Allison (the loner): Uninvolved
    • Claire ( the popular one): Permissive
  10. The number of people that died during the Virgina tech Massacre
    33 (including the perpetrator)

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