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  1. �ނ̞B���ȕԎ��͂Ȃ������ޏ������炢�炳�����B
    His ambiguous reply made her all the more irritated.
  2. �{�u�͂ƂĂ����a�ŏ��̎q�Ƃ������ׂ肷���ƐԖʂ��Ă��܂��B
    Bob is very timid and blushes when chatting with girls.
  3. �j�b�N�͒n���o�g�҂Ȃ��N�ł��낤�ƌ������Ă����B
    Nick looks down on anyone who comes from a rural area.
  4. �u�ǂ������́A�{�u�H�����ȂɈÂ��������āB�v�u�ق��Ƃ��Ă������B�N�ɂ͊֌W�Ȃ����Ƃ��B�v
    "What's the matter
  5. Leave me alone. It's none of your business."
  6. �{�u�͕ϑ����Ă��������ǂ��A���ڂŔނ��Ƃ킩�����B
    "Although Bob was in disguise
  7. �u�������������΂��Ă��񂾁H�v�u�{�u�A�g���[�i�[�������O�����B�v�u�����I�v
    "What are you chuckling about?
  8. Bob
    you have your sweatshirt on backwards!
  9. Oops!"
  10. �ނ͗F�B���肪�����ŁA���‚��ЂƂ��ڂ����ł����B
    He is not good at making friends and always keeps to himself.
  11. �������󂯓����������ꏊ�����‚����ꂸ�A�ނ͋ɓx�̕s���ƌǓƂɊׂ��Ă����B
    "Having found no place he felt he belonged
  12. �V�����‹��ɏ��������̂͂��Ȃ����ςȂ��Ƃ��Ƃ킩�����B
    I found it pretty hard to adjust to my new surroundings.
  13. ���������������ꂽ�l�����̒��ŁA�����͂܂��������Ⴂ�ȋC�������B
    I felt utterly out of place among those sophisticated people.
  14. ���������āA���̓N���V�b�N���y�͍D�������Ȃ��B�������A�����[�̂ق��͊��S�ɂ͂܂��Ă����B
    "To tell the truth
  15. �{�u�͍����̊ώ@�Ɋy���݂������Ă����B
    Bob derives pleasure from observing insects.
  16. �u�C���]���Ƀg�����v���������Ȃ��H�v�u���邢���ǁA���������C�������Ȃ����B�v
    "How about playing cards or something for a change?
  17. Sorry
    I'm not up for it."
  18. �u�����ɂǂ����B�v�u�����A���Ȃ��̕����������ɂǂ����B�v�u���݂܂����B�v�u�ǂ��������܂��āB�v
    "Agter you.
  19. No pleasure
    you go ahead.
  20. Thanks.
  21. You're welcome."
  22. �ނ̖Â͔N�̊��ɂ͎Ќ��I�ő��l���B���\���ƌ����Ă��ʗp�����B
    His niece is sociable and mature for her age. She could pass for twenty-something.
  23. �u���Ⴀ�ˁB�Ƒ��݂̂��Ȃɂ��낵���B�v�u�����B�܂��ˁB�v
    "Take care of yourself and say hi to your family for me.
  24. I will. See you later."
  25. "���Ԏ��������̂��y���݂ɂ��Ă����܂��B
  26. �h��"
    "I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
  27. Sincerely
  28. �������Ǝ��Ԃ������Ă����܂��񂩁H���l�ɂƂ��đ厖�Ȃ��Ƃ��b�������������ł��B
    Can you spare a minute? I'd like to discuss something of importance to both of us.
  29. ���Ȃ��ɂ͍��ׂȂ��ƂɎv���邩�������܂��񂪁A���ɂƂ��Ă����͒��ӂ��ׂ����ƂȂ��ł��B
    It may seem trivial to you but for me it's worth paying attention to.
  30. �{�u�ɂ‚��Č����΁A�ނ͂ǂ��Ȃ��Ƃł��󂯓������^�C�v�����A�ΏƓI�ɃW�F�[���͂ƂĂ��T�d�h���B
    "As far as Bob is concerned
  31. �C�܂������ق̌��A�r���͔ޏ��̎��������ď��̊K�Ɉ��������čs�����B
    "After an awkward pause
  32. �r���͂������j�J���Ԃ߂������������Ȃ̂ɁA�ޏ��͔ނ������ɋC�������̂��Ɖ��߂����B
    "Bill just wanted to comfort Monica
  33. �ޏ����n�����Ă����̂��m���߂āA�ނ͂������蕔���𔲂��o���ė��������B
    "After making sure she was sound asleep
  34. ���������̘b�����ǁA���T�A���̐l���M�����i���Ă��j�b�N�������������񂾁B
    "Between you and me
  35. �������������͌����������₷���B
    Such a remark is open to misunderstanding.
  36. �u�����䖝�ł��Ȃ����I�v�u�����������B���������ɍs�������B�v
    "I can't stand it anytmore!
  37. Calm down. I'll come over as soon as possible."
  38. �����Ȃ��Ɛ^�Ɏ󂯂��Ⴞ�߂����B�ނ͑傰���Ɍ����X�������邩���B
    Don't take it literally. He is inclined to exaggerate.
  39. �u���T���n���ɂ������Ƃ��ӂ��ׂ������B�����͂��肷�����B�v�u�����A�����������B���̓��ޏ��̋@�������������ˁB�v
    "You should apologize to Lisa for making fun of her.
  40. You went too far this time.
  41. Yeah .. I will
    sometime when she's in a better mood."
  42. �u���T�A�j�b�N�Ƃ��܂������Ă��H�v�u���X�A�������l���邱�Ƃ��������B�v�u���k�����I�v
  43. Once in a while
    I think of divorcing him.
  44. You must be kidding!"
  45. �ޏ��͋����Ȃ����A�ނ����̎莆���߂��Ⴍ�����Ɉ����􂢂Ď̂Ă��B
    "In tears
  46. �u�W�F�j�t�@�[�ɂ��܂��ꂽ�I�v�u�ޏ����M���Ȃ����炢�̕��ʂ������Ă��ǂ������̂ɁB�v
    "Jennifer deceived me!
  47. You should have known better than to trust her."
  48. �g���͎����̐l���̑����𖳑ʂɂ��Ă������Ƃ����������B
    Tom regretted having wasted a great deal of his life.
  49. �����̎v�t�����U���Ԃ��ƁA���‚��J�T�ȋC���ɂȂ��B
    I cannot look back on my adolescence without feeling depressed.
  50. �u�W�F�j�t�@�[�������ӂ��đ��̒j�̂Ƃ����ɂ��������B�v�u�����A�����͐h�����ˁB�v�u�����ł��Ȃ����B�����Ă����B�v
    "Jennifer left me for another guy.
  51. Oh
    you must be upset.
  52. Not really. I'm used to it."
  53. �u�ޏ����������ɗ��Ȃ������̂����R�����B�v�u�ǂ����āH�v�u���l�͕ʂꂽ�񂾁B�v�u�����A���킢�����ɁI�v
    "No wonder she didn't show up to see him off.
  54. How come?
  55. Ther broke up.
  56. Oh
    what a pity!"
  57. �u�����Ŏ������l���������Ă����Ȃ��č��₾�v�Ɣނ͂����苃�����Č������B
    "Living here all by myself is torture!
  58. he sobbed."
  59. �u���������Ǝ��A�P���ɖ����Ȃ́B�����āA�E���Ŏ����Ɏ��M�������Ă��āA�����Ɋ댯���`�����Ƃ������ċ����Ȃ��ł����B�v�u���Ȃ��f�[�g�ɗU�����B�v
    "To be honest
  60. If I were you
    I'd ask him out!"
  61. �u�����Ԃ񒷂��ԁA�W�F�j�t�@�[�Ƃ͕t�����������ʂꂽ���̌J���Ԃ������B�v�u���ς��炸�D�_�s�f�ˁB���낻�뗎�����������ǂ��H�v
    "I've been going with Jennifer on and off for ages.
  62. You're as indecisive as ever. Isn't it about time you settled down?"
  63. �u�W�F�j�t�@�[�ɂ����Ƃ��܂����Ă����̂��������Ă������B�v�u���Ă��ԂȂ́B�ޏ��̖{�����������Ȃ������́H�v
    "It dawned on me that I had been taken in by Jennifer all along.
  64. How naive! Didn't you see through her?"
  65. ���ہA�ޏ��͒N���ƕt�������Ă��邯���ǂ��A�l�͔ޏ������߂Ȃ��B
    "Even though she is seeing someone else
  66. �u�₠�A�W�F�[���B�ŋ߂ǂ��H�v�u�ʂɁB���Ȃ��́H�v�u�W�F�j�t�@�[�ƌ��������񂾁B�v�u�������A���߂łƂ��I�v
  67. Not much. How about you?
  68. I got married to Jennifer.
  69. Wow! Congratulations!"
  70. ���ςȂ��Ƃ����������A�������񂾂肵���Ƃ��͂��‚ł��A�������Ȃ��̂��΂ɂ������B
    "Whenever you're in trouble or feeling down
  71. �u���сv�́u�߂��݁v�̔��΂ł��B
    "Delight"" is the opposite of ""sorrow."""""
  72. �u�W�F�j�t�@�[�͖l���΂��Ă΂����܂ł��āA�������������P�񂵂Ȃ��񂾁B�v�u���Ǝ������I���Ȃ����炯�����������ł��傤�H�v
    "Jennifer went so far as to call me an idiot and she wouldn't take it back.
  73. Serves you right! You provoked her
    didn't you?"
  74. �u�ޏ��̘������ɂǂ����ĉ䖝���Ă����́H���p�����Ă��邾�����B�v�u���邳���I�v
    "Why do you put up with her arrogance? She's just taking advantage of you.
  75. Shut up!"
  76. �Q�ĂȂ��Ă����ł����B���̂��Ƃ����������l�����ɂ́A2�A3���K�v�ł��傤�����B
    Take your time. I know you need a couple of days to reflect on it.
  77. �{�u�͎����̗͂ł��̌����������������؂��Ȃ����΂����Ȃ��B
    Bob has to get through this ordeal on his own.
  78. �n�G�ƉႪ�ނ��ґz�̎ז��������B
    Flies and mosquitoes interfered with his meditation.
  79. 2�x�̉����̌��A���̐_���ȋV���͎����s���ꂽ�B
    The sacred ritual took place after being postponed twice.
  80. ���V���񂪓ˑR�吺�ŏ΂��o���A���l�ȕ��͋C���䖳���ɂ����B
    "All at once
  81. �P�A�������݁A�����т������Ƃ��͌������ʼnB���Ȃ����B
    "Cover your mouth when you cough
  82. �u�ޏ��̐e�ʂ�3���O�ɖS���Ȃ����񂾁B�v�u�����A�����͑��ςˁB���C�̓ł����B�v
    "One of her relatives passed away three days ago.
  83. Oh
    that's too bad. I'm so sorry."
  84. �ޏ��͑��V�ɎQ�񂷂邾���łȂ��A���ׂĂ̒i�������‚��Ȃ����΂Ȃ��Ȃ��B
    "Besides attending the funeral
  85. �u�W�F�[���A�C�����͕��������B�߂��݂͂����ɏ��������̂����Ȃ��B�v�u�����v�B�����z���Ă݂������B
    "I feel for you
  86. I'm OK. I'll get over it."
  87. �ޏ��͎q���̍��̂��������̂Ȃ��v���o�����؂ɂ��Ă����B
    She cherishes the precious memories of her childhood.
  88. �u�W�F�j�t�@�[�ƌ����΁A�ޏ��A���ƉƂƍ��񂵂��񂾂��B�v�u�������Ă��̂������Ȃ����B�j�k�ɂȂ��Ȃ��Ⴂ�����ǂˁB�v
    "Speaking of Jennifer
  89. I'm at a loss for words! I hope she won't break it off."
  90. �ߍ��ł́A�����̓��@�͕K�����������Ƃ͌����Ȃ��B�Ⴆ�΁A�W�F�j�t�@�[�����Ă��������B
    "These days
  91. �{�u�ɂ͂₳�����ڂ��Ă����Ă������B�ق��A�ނ͍ŋ߂����Ɛh�����Ƒ����Ȃ񂾁B
    "Go easy on Bob. You know
  92. �u�Ƃ����ŁA�������H�v�u���`���ƁA8��15���O�����B�v
    "By the way
  93. Let's see .. it's a quarter to eight."
  94. �u�{�u�A�����͂��̕ӂ܂łɂ��܂��傤�B�������؂��؂��B�v�u�����B�Ӕт͖l�����������B�v
    "Let's call it a day
  95. Yep. I'll buy you dinner."
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