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  1. what is a catheter often used for home TPN
  2. what are the hree signs of severe metabolic stress?
    fever catabolism insulin resistance

    manifested by elevated temp, negative nitrogen balance, hyperglycemia.
  3. what is tmost likely excess floid accumulation or something else?
    • 14 kg weight gain in 7 days
    • probably not an increae in lean body weight due to your expertise in nutritional supprot
  4. what is an equation you do NOT have to memorize for the final
    • harris benedict equation
    • you may want to know what to do with it
  5. what is feeding the umor vs starving the patient?
    an ongoing conroversey in cancer nutrition

    generally there is no benefit to perpetuationg malnutrition in the setting of oncology
  6. what is way too much to give just about any patient....
    • fluid restricted TPN with 80 g /L AA and 250 g/L DEX @ 100ml/hr
    • yes it is possible to make it
  7. what is hypertonic dehydration?
    • an indication for administration of increased free wter during enteral nutrition
    • enteral pateints may become dehydratetd requireing etra fluid flushes via the feeding tube
  8. what is the metric equivalent of 1 inch?
    2.54 cm
  9. what are the non protein calorie to nitrogen rations for metabolic stress and maintenance (NPC:N)
    • 100:1
    • 150:1
  10. what is an abnormal communication or trated between two structures
    • fistula
    • need zine lots of protein and maybe octreotide
  11. what is ideal body weght a tool to determin if the patint is over or underweight
    • IBW
    • if < 120% IBW use actual weight
    • if >120% IBW use adjusted or estimated lean body weight (25% of the difference)
  12. what is bacterial translocation also known as a leaky gut.
    transluminl escape of bugs from teh GI tract
  13. what are many ranges of numbers you should know
    • normal lab values
    • howeveryou dont need to have these memorized
  14. what are three types of gastrostomies used for enteral feeding
    stamm witzel and janeway
  15. what is a trace element important in long term home TPN
    • selenium
    • if you dont include it you get nasty side effects
  16. what is a method of etermining the maximum compatible amountso f CAlcium and phosphate in TPN fomulations
    rule of 200
  17. what do you sue to flush th eIV line flush the feeding tupe and eliminate from the patients enterally adminsitered medications
    saline, wter and sorbital
  18. what is a ridiciulous statement
    reserach has shown that enteral nutrition has no utility in the care of cancer patinets
  19. what is the number of mcg of Vitamin K and mg of thiamine in aduilt IV multivits
    • 150
    • 6
    • 150=std tPN dex
    • 6=g protein in 1 g of something else
  20. what may be caused by an interaction between MAOIs and tyramine in certain foods
    • hypertensive crisis
    • lots of happy hour foods
  21. what is a standard AA product that allows flexibility in compoundning TPN for fluid restricted patients
  22. what are RQ values for
    mixed substrated metabolism
    • 1.07
    • 0.87
    • 0.7
  23. what may be an acceptable level for a patient on a 3 - in -1? (lipid level....)
    a triglyceride level of 337
  24. what is a normal magnesium level
    • a serum level of 2
    • A LOW PHOSPHORUS EVELL and seriously low potassium level
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