Chapter 23

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  1. the upheaval of the earliest sixteenth century had its roots in political and social developments as much as in religious disputes
  2. Announced on October 31, 1517 by being posted on a church door
    Ninety Five Theses
  3. The belief that by faith alone was the factor through which Christians might reach bliss in the afterlife and that faith was given by God and not in anyway earned by naturally sinful man
    justification by faith
  4. The French lawyer who made the Protestant movement an international theological rebellion against Rome
    John Calvin
  5. Calvin set out his beliefs and doctrines with the precision and clarity of a lawyer with this
    The Institutes of the Christian Religion
  6. The souls predestined for heaven
    the elect
  7. The followers of this sect were briefly a threat to both Catholics and Lutherans, but both put them down with extreme cruelty
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