Chapter 14

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  1. Actualizing Tendency
    • Innate need to survive, to grow, and to enhance oneself
    • drives all behavior
  2. Organismic Valuing Process
    using the actualizing tendency as a frame of refernce for evaluating one's experience
  3. Phenomenological Reality
    your perceptions of reality are key in determining behavior in the world
  4. Symbolism of Experience
    difference between awareness and experience
  5. Emergence of Self
    sense of self allows one to reflect on him/herslef as a distinct object of which he /she is aware
  6. Need for positive regard
    need to recieve warmth, love, sympathy, care and respect and acceptane from relevant people in one's life
  7. Conditions of worth
    • parents tend to be their most loving when children behave in a certain way
    • children pick up on these cues and helps children develop their conscious
  8. Need for Self_regard
    need to feel positively about self
  9. Introjected values
    values tat they have adopted from others
  10. unconditional positive regard
    may be unhappy with a persons actions, however let them know that you will always love them.
  11. Incongruency
  12. Anxiety
    experienced when a person subcieves an experience as being incompatible with one's self structre
  13. subception
    detection of an experience before it enters full awareness
  14. humanistic therapies
    • focus on the present
    • become aware of feelings as they occur rather than gaining insights into their childhood origins of feelings
  15. Psychotherapy
    • client and therapist must be in psychological contact
    • client must be in a state of incongruence
    • therapist is congruent with the client
    • therappist must provide unconditional positive regard
    • therapist must seek empathetic understanding of clients phenomenological reality
  16. Research
    • ffirst record and film theraoy session
    • q sort technique developed by william stephenson
  17. Q sort technique
    • way of assessing who you are at this point in life
    • real slef vs self sort
    • ideal self and ideal sort
    • if idea and real self are aligned have a correlation of +1.
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