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  1. Periodic table
    At tabular arrangement of elements according to their atomic numbers.
  2. Fossil fuels
    Fuels formed by nautral resources such as buried bodies.
  3. Protons
    Subatomic particle with a positive electric charge.
  4. Neutrons
    Elementary particle with a neutral charge and a mass almost equal to a proton.
  5. Carbon dioxide
    A heavy odourless gas formed during repiration of humans and animals or when things are burned.
  6. Greenhouse effect
    Warming that happens when solar radiation is trapped by the atmosphere.
  7. Renewable
    Something that can be renews or extended
  8. Ozone
    A colourless gas (O3) which occurs in the stratosphere, 20 to 30km above the Earth's surface.
  9. Ultra-violet light
    Electromagnetic radiation with a wacelength shorter than visible light.
  10. Cancer
    A disease in which harmful growths form in the body.
  11. Radioactive element
    A pure chemical substance consisting of one type of atom distinguished by its atomic number
  12. Alpha particles
    Consists of two protons and two neutrons bound togther into a particle identical to a helium nucleus
  13. Beta particles
    High-energy, high-speed electrons or protons emitted by certain types of radioactive nuclei.
  14. Gamma radiation
    Electromagnetic radiation emmitted during radio-active decay and has an extremely short wavelength.
  15. Nuclear Fission
    A nuclear reaction where a nucleus splits.
  16. Nuclear Fusion
    A nuclear reaction where nuclei combines to form a bigger nuclei
  17. Half-life
    The time required for half of the atoms in any given quantity of a radioactive isotope to decay into another element.
  18. Radio-isotopes
    An element produced either naturally or artifically.
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