pharmacology spelling

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  1. anesthetic
    drug that produces loss of sensation
  2. anthelmintic
    drug that destroys worms
  3. antidiarrheal
    drug that combats diarrhea
  4. antipruritic
    preventing or relieving iching
  5. antipyretic
    fever reducing drug
  6. expectorant
    drug that promotes ejection of mucus from the respiratory tract
  7. prescription
    an order written by a licensed vet to a pharmacist
  8. ophthalmic
    drug used to treat the eyes
  9. corticosteroid
    hormones produced by the adreral cortex
  10. sympathomimetic
    drug that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system
  11. anti-inflammatory
    • drug that decreases inflammation
    • (steroidal or nonsteroidal)
  12. phenobarbital
  13. analgesics
    pain relievers
  14. proprietary name
    unique,trademarked name chosen by the manufacture, excusively used by the manufacturer
  15. antiemetic
    drug that combats vomiting
  16. pharmacokinetics
    absorption,distribution,metabolism and excretion of drugs
  17. pharmacodynamics
    properties of drugs, effects of drugs on living organism
  18. parenteral
    not through the almentary canal
  19. syringe
    an instrument for introducing fluids into or withdrawing them from the body
  20. iatrogenic
    any adverse condition in a patient resulting from treatment by a physianer treatment
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