Vocab 14 entry words(130915)

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  1. Carping
    critical, faultfinding
  2. Chagrin
    • (n) mental distress; shame caused by failure or disappointment
    • (v) to cause emotional upset
  3. Debunk
    to expose falsity or untrue claims; to unmask
  4. Decorous
    proper; decent; appropriate to accepted social standards; tasteful
  5. Disparage
    (v) to belittle; to insult; to lower in value by negative criticism
  6. Disquiet
    • (n) uneasiness; restlessness
    • (v) to disturb or unsettle; to stir up
  7. Effrontery
    boldness; brashness; arrogance; excessive nerve; chutzpah
  8. Egregious
    obviously wrong; of conspicuously bad quality
  9. Euphonious
    pleasant or sweet sounding, harmonious
  10. Mercenary
    • (adj) acting just for reward or pay
    • (n) a person hired to fight for a country or a group not his own
  11. Perjorative
    • (adj) insulting; uncomplimentary
    • (n) a demeaning word or remark
  12. Penchant
    a strong preference, leaning, or inclination
  13. Petulant
    irritable; cranky; grouchy
  14. Quixotic
    unrealistic; impractical; visionary
  15. Sinuous
    winding, like a path or road; wavy; bending in and out of
  16. Spurious
    false; counterfeit, inauthentic
  17. Tantamount
    the same as; equivalent in value, meaning, or significance
  18. Untenable
    illogical; unable to be defended or supported
  19. Virulent
    deadly; extremely harmful; poisonous
  20. Waylay
    attack from ambush; lie in wait, obstruct another's passage
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