Atticus #1

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  1. Belabor
    to keep explaining or insisting on excess
  2. Covet
    to wish for greatly of with envy
  3. Intersperse
    to vary with things here or there
  4. Besiege
    to harass with request
  5. Coup
    a brillant, sudden, and usally highly successful action
  6. Stalemate
    a drawn or undecided contest
  7. Ascension
    Rising up
  8. Fresco
    the art of painting on freashly spread piece of moist plastier
  9. Noxious
    Harmful espcially to health
  10. Protrude
    To stick out
  11. Adjacent
    next to or near
  12. Audacity
    boldness or daring
  13. Elude
    to aviod or escape by being quick, skillful, or tricky
  14. Gaunt
    Being thin or bony
  15. Pristine
    Being freash or clean
  16. Allegiance
    devotion or loyalty to a person, group, or cause
  17. Conspiracy
    A polt of somthing wrong or evil
  18. Grotto
    an artifical structure made to resemble a natural cave
  19. Parry
    to turn aside skillfuly
  20. Contemplate
    To view of conside with carful and thoughtful attention
  21. Rendezvous
    a planed meeting
  22. Alabaster
    Vatiety of calciteor gypsum
  23. Jeopardize
    to expose to danger
  24. Crescendo
    The peek of the gradual increase
  25. Preciptious
    Showing unwise and unnecessary naste
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