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  1. Judah/Judaea
    Southern Kingdom of Israel with Jerusalem as capital.
  2. diaspora
    A movement of people away their homeland. Jewish Diaspora began in 586 BCE with destruction of First Temple, and increased in scale in 70 CE with distruction of Second Temple
  3. Moses
    Born in Egypt, led Exodus, and received Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai. Serves as a symbol of God's Law in NT. Appeared to Jesus with Elijah during Transfiguration of Jesus.
  4. Tobit
    Religious Israelite who goes blind in Nineveh. He is banished for giving Jews proper burials. God sends Raphael to help him get vision back
  5. Tobias
    Son of Tobit, goes along with Raphael to Media. Kills giant fish and uses its heart, liver, and gall bladder to fend of Sarah's demon and heal his father's blindness. Marries Sarah
  6. Sarah
    Tobais' cousin. Lost seven husbands before they could consumate on the night of their wedding to Asmodeus. Tobias frees her from the demon and they get married.
  7. Asmodeus
    Demon of lust who kills Sarah's husbands. He is driven away by Tobias and captured by Raphael
  8. Raphael
    Angel that God sends to accompany Tobias to Media. Disguises himself as Azariah to Tobias. Eventually captures Asmodeous and reveals himself to Tobias as God's angel
  9. Mattathias
    Father of Judas Maccabaeus. Began Maccabean Revolt in 167 BCE. Refused to offer sacrifice to Greek Gods, and urged Jews to rebel.
  10. Judas Maccabaeus
    Son of Mattathias, led Maccabean Revolt. Died in 160 BCE and his death spurred Jews to achieve independence
  11. Antiochus IV Epiphanes
    Ruled Seleucid Empire from 175-164 BCE. Executed many Jews in 167 following his defeat in Egypt. Considered major villian in Jewish tradition
  12. Heliodorus
    Greek tax collector who tried to steal from the Temple of Jerusalem, but was rebuffed three times by God, after which he proclaimed God's power
  13. Eleazar Maccabaeus
    Judas Macc's brother, who was crushed by an elephant in battle that he attacked thinking it was carrying Antiochus.
  14. Eleazar
    Refused to eat pork and was flogged. Then offered to eat meat that he could pretend was pork, but he refused and was flogged to death
  15. Alexander the Great
    King of Macedonia from 336-323 BCE. Conquered Persian Empire in 332 and placed Judea under Hellenistic rule
  16. Ptolemies and Seleucids
    • Seleucid- Created out of Alexander's Eastern Territories, where Antiochus's aggressive Hellenization attempts led to Macc Revolt
    • Ptolemy- One of Alexander's generals who took over Egypt after Alexander's death. Dynasty lasted from 305-30 BCE
  17. Hasmoneans
    Independant Jewish state in Israel established by simon Maccabaeus after Revolt. Only lasted about 100 years until Roman Empire intervened in 64 BCE
  18. Son of Man
    Refers to mankind. Often used specifically to refer to Jesus.
  19. Judith
    Gets close to and eventually beheads Holofernes and saves Israel from the Assyrians
  20. Achior
    King at Nebuchadnezzar's court. Warns the king of the power of the Israeli God. First to recognize Holofernes' head
  21. Holofernes
    Assyrian general who is beheaded by Judith
  22. Esther
    Marries Persian king and helps convince him to spare the Jews from prosecution by Haman
  23. Mordecia
    Esther's Jewish father who uncovers a plot to kill the king and urges Esther to talk to the king to deter Haman's plot
  24. Haman
    Granted special permission by king and everyone must bow before him in the street. Mordecai refuses and Haman plots to kill all Jews in Persian Empire because of it. Later hanged when plan is uncovered
  25. Artaxerxes
    King of Persia who helped Ezrah and Nehemiah rebuild Temple and city walls
  26. Cyrus the Great
    Founded Persian Empire in 559. Treated Jews well and commissioned the rebuilding of the Temple and allowed Jews to practice and rule themselves
  27. Daniel
    Noted for his ability to interpret dreams and interpreted Nebbuchadnezzar's dreams. Is awarded a high-ranking position in Darius' court. Darius is tricked into prosecuting Daniel and sends him to lions' den. God saves him and Darius sends his accusers into the den
  28. Nebuchadnezzar
    Babylonian Emperor who destroyed Jerusalem and its temple. Daniel interprets his dreams and predicts his demise.
  29. Belshazzar
    Son of Nebu and last King of Babylon. Holds a feast using goblets taken from Jerusalem, and mysterious writing appears on the wall. Daniel translates it and fortells of the fall of Belshazzar and Babylon
  30. Darius the Mede
    Became King of Babylon after Belshazzar's death. Tricked into prosecuting Daniel in lions den, and issued a decree for all to fear Daniel's god
  31. Qumran
    Settlement at the northern end of Dead Sea, where people fled to get away from upheavals in Jerusalem. Dead Sea Scrolls found here
  32. Sons of Light/Sons of Darkness
    An apocalyptic prophecy of war found on Dead Sea Scrolls. SOL (Levi, Judah, and Benjamin) fight against SOD (Edom, Moab, Ammons. Belial, Amalekites, Phillistines, and those who violate Covenant). Congergation of God against congregation of men.
  33. Isis
    Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility. Cult of Isis was a mystery religion that spread across Roman Empire after Alexander conquered Egypt
  34. Osiris
    Egyptian God of the underworld. Cult of Osiris was a mystery religion that spread after Alexander conquered Egypt
  35. Dionysus
    Greek god of epiphany. Cult of Dionysus was a mystery religion that threw festivals for women only called Bacchanalia
  36. Zeus
    Main Greek diety. Ruled Olympians on Mt. Olympus
  37. Asclepius
    Greek god of medicine and healing. Cult of Asclepius grew as people flocked to his temples to be healed of ills
  38. Pharisees
    Jewish political party that emerged after building of Second Temple. In line with common people and emphasied religious practices and interpretation of the laws extending outside the Temple to all aspects of life. Believed in afterlife and literal resurrection of dead
  39. Sadducees
    Jewish political party that emerged after the Second temple was built. Somewhat elitist and were interested in the political governing of Hebrew law. Did not believe in the resurrection of the dead, and largely died out.
  40. Zealots
    Sect of Judaism during time of Second Temple. Very violent and committed suicide rather than be enslaved by Romans
  41. Essenes
    Sect of Judaism. Devoted lives to asceticism, voluntary poverty
  42. Aeneas
    Famous Trojan hero, and main character of Virgil's Aeneid. Escaped the fall of Troy and founded Rome.
  43. Anchises
    Father of Aeneas, was in love with Aphrodite and fathered Aeneas with her.
  44. Ascanius/Iulus
    Aeneas' son. Rescued from Troy as it is burning.
  45. Dido
    Queen of Carthage who falls in love with Aeneas. Kills herself after Jupiter commands Aeneas to leave her.
  46. Turnus
    King of the Rutuli and Aeneas's chief rival. Aeneas kills him and his soul descends to the underworld.
  47. Virgil
    Roman poet, author of the Aeneid
  48. Augustus Caesar
    First emperor of Roman Empire (27 BC-14 AD). Established Pax Romana. Emperor whne Jesus was born. Ordered the census in Bethlehem
  49. Troy
    City in modern Turkey. Rival of Rome
  50. Rome
    Capital city of Roman Empire. If you don't know what Rome is, you are literally a dumbass
  51. Pax Romana
    Period of relative peace and minimal expansion in Roman Empire from 27 BCE-180 CE
  52. Roman arts
    Architecture, painting, sculpture, and mosaic works
  53. Logos
    Logos is the glue; creative and rational force that holds universe together. Gives life to all living things and connects entire universe
  54. Sarpedon
    Son of Zeus who fought in Trojan War
  55. Jesus
    Not even going to bother
  56. Matthew
    Former tax collector called by Jesus to be one of the 12 apostles. Witnessed Jesus' resurrection and ascension, and was influential in early Christian church
  57. Mark
    Saint Mark the Evangelist, was not an Apostle, but a disciple of Jesus. Mark is thought to be the oldest of all synoptic gospels
  58. Luke
    Author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts. Wrote for a gentile christian audience, and emphasizes the Jews condemnation of Jesus and Roman innocence.
  59. John
    In the book of John the author is identified as "the disciple whom Jesus loved, which some believe is John the Apostle
  60. Elizabeth
    Wife of Zachariah, cousin of Mary, who was miraculously impregnated with John the Baptist after being visited by the angel Gabriel
  61. John the Baptist
    Came to prepare the way for Jesus. Predicted coming of Jesus and baptizes him, calling him the Lamb of God. John was captured and beheaded by Herod
  62. Mary
    The virgin mother of Jesus. After his death went with Mary Mag to his tomb
  63. Mary Magdalene
    One of Jesus' disciples. Only person to witness all 3 events of passion: crucifixion, burial, and discovery of empty tomb
  64. Pontius Pilate
    Judge at Jesus' trial who authorizes crucifixion. Reluctant to convit Jesus, but is pressured by Jewish hierarchy. Washes his hands in Matthew, symbolizing that he is not responsible
  65. Samaritans
    Adhere to Abrahamic religion and claimed their religion was true form worship of the ancient Isralites. Did not get along with Jews and are seen as outsiders
  66. Peter
    Originally named Simon, was a fisherman with his brother Andrew. Renamed by Jesus, and is his main Apostle. Denied Jesus three times after crucifixion. Played major role in early church
  67. Stephan
    First Christian Martyr. Stoned to death in Acts for speaking against Temple. Before his death, tells the Jews that their fathers persecuted the prophets and killed the Just One, Jesus
  68. Zacchaeus
    A chief tax collector who climbed a tree to see Jesus. Jesus visited his home, and Zacchaeus is moved by the undeserved love, and repents of his corruption
  69. Mary and Martha
    Sisters of Lazarus who witness their brother's resurrection. Martha was more aggressive and Mary waited to be called by Jesus
  70. Lazarus
    Brother of Mary and Martha. His sisters send word to Jesus to help him, but Jesus arrives 4 days after his death. Jesus brings him back to life
  71. Thomas
    One of 12 Apostles. Disbelieved Jesus' resurrection, and demanded to touch his wounds to believe. Doubting Thomas
  72. Synoptic Gospels
    Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. They cover mostly the same material and have similar.
  73. New Covenant/New Israel
    According to Christians, Jesus ushered in a New Covenant, replacing the old one and building upon the laws of Moses. Sins of the members are forgiven b/c of Jesus' death
  74. Parousia
    word used to describe second coming of individuals. Used to describe second coming of Christ
  75. Eucharist
    Started by Jesus at the Last Supper. Bread and wine symbolize body and blood of Christ
  76. Passover
    Jewish holiday that was being celebrated during Last Supper
  77. Resurrection
    Jesus rises on the third day following crucifixion. Predicts it before occurance. Symbolizes forgiveness of our sins
  78. Simeon
    In Luke, Simeon prohesizes to Mary and Joseph that their son is the Son of God.
  79. Anna
    Prophet during birth of Jesus who went to see him and immediately gave thanks to God that she was able to see him
  80. Beloved Disciple
    Term used in Book of John to refer to author. Possible John himself
  81. Cana
    Site of the wedding at which Jesus performs the first miracle in John--turning the 6 stone jugs of water into wine
  82. Nicodemus
    A pharisee to whom Jesus explains baptism and that all people are reborn through the spirit before they enter heaven. He doubts this and Jesus explains that he is not there to judge, but to lift everything to the Kingdom of Heaven
  83. Good Samaritan
    In Book of Luke, Jewish traveler is beaten and lying on the side of the road. A priest and a Levite both pass by, but a Samaritan man eventually comes to his aid
  84. Samaritan woman
    Jesus stops by a well on his journey through Samaria and asks a samaritan for water. She is surprised a Jew would ask for water and he says that the water he provides will remain within
  85. Two thieves
    • Matthew- Both thieves taunt Jesus while they are crucified next to him.
    • Luke- One of the thieves is saved when he surrenders to God and becomes a believer
  86. Joseph of Arimathea
    A man of strong faith who gives up his tomb for Jesus and buries him
  87. King Herod
    Herod executes John the Baptist and plays a role in the crucifixion of Jesus in Matthew and Mark
  88. Paul
    Presented own set of Gospels to summarize the New Testament events. Emphasizes sacrifice of Jesus and Judgement Day
  89. Barnabas
    Early follower of Jesus Christ who traveled through the Hellenized colonies of middle east to try to convert people to have faith in Jesus
  90. Damascus
    Site at which Saul is converted to Paul
  91. Emmaeus
    Town in which the two men originally saw the resurrected figure of Christ in Luke
  92. Ephesus
    Second largest Roman city, where Paul lived promoting the life and work of Christ
  93. Athens
    • College town in Georgia where the University of Georgia is located. Go Dawgs
  94. Bethany
    Site at which John first proclaims that he is not the Christ, but that Christ is coming close behind
  95. Sanhedrin
    Roman council of judges that Jesus faced leading up to his death. Tried before Roman court because Jews could not carry out death penalty
  96. Pentecost
    Religious celebration after the death and resurrection of Jesus in which Jesus took the souls of the disciples to heaven
  97. Paraclete
    Term used by John to describe the second coming of teh holy spirit apart from Jesus that would come take the souls of the believers to heaven
  98. I Am sayings
    Assertions of truth and assurances to the followers of Jesus that he is in fact the way forth to god
  99. Corinth and the Corinthians
    Major city in Greece that was criticized for its luxurious and immoral behavior. Paul frequently traveled here trying to spread the messages of Christ and wrote his letters to the Corinthians
  100. Galatia and the Galatians
    Roman city in modern day Turkey. Paul traveled here after Jesus' death and was detained by sickness
  101. Prisca and Aquila
    Christian couple that traveled with Paul and became his friends and coworkers in Jesus. Always mentioned as a couple
  102. Adam
    First man on Earth, God created him from his rib. Jesus is the second Adam who came to save the world from Adam's orginal sin. With the first Adam there is death, but with the second Adam there is life.
  103. Abraham
    In NT, he is mentioned as an obedient man of faith, and Paul uses him as an example of salvation by faith
  104. Queen of Heaven
    Title given to the Virgin Mary by Christians. She is the spritual mother and New Eve, as associated with the New Adam
  105. Babylon (in Revelation)
    Babylon is destroyed and the people mourn its destruction. Revelation tells of the permanance of its destruction
  106. The Lamb (in Revelation)
    The "Lamb" (Jesus) saves his people from the tribulation, destroys the wicked, and ushers in an age of peace; after the age of peace, there is a second, brief time of trouble which results in the permanent banishment of the wicked
  107. The Dragon (Revelation)
    Represents the figure of Satan. He persecutes the people of God, but is eventually thrown into the Lake of Fire
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