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  1. a range of radio frequencies
    radio band
  2. related to the meaning of words
  3. the number of times per second a radio wave oscillates
    radio frequency
  4. radio frequency band from 300 to 3000 megahertz
    ultrahigh frequency(UHF)
  5. EMS response communications
    • detection and citizens access
    • automatic collision notification
    • call taking and emergency response
    • pre-arrival instructions
    • call coordinating and incident recording
    • discussion with medical direction physician
    • transfer communications
    • back in service ready for next call
  6. agency that takes emergency calls from citizens in a given region and dispatched the necessary emergency resources
    public safety answering point PSAP
  7. ANI
    automatic number identification
  8. ALI
    automatic location identification
  9. referred to as deltaV
    change in velocity
  10. referred to as deltaT
    • change in time
    • how quickly the car decelerated
  11. system that uses medically approved questions and predetermined guidelines to determine the appropriate level of response
    priority dispatching
  12. transferring communications verbal briefing to the nurse or physician should include
    • pt vital information
    • chief complaint
    • history
    • physical exam findings
    • any treatment rendered
  13. transmits and receives on the same frequency
  14. allows simultaneous two-way communications by using two frequencies for each channel
  15. duplex system that can transmit voice and data simultaneously
  16. system pools all frequencies and routes transmissions to the next available frequency
  17. data or sounds that are translated into a digital code for transmission
  18. vehicle mounted computer keyboard and display
    mobile data terminal
  19. cells phone are like
    duplex radio transmission
  20. device for electronically transmitting and receiving printed information
  21. orally defame another person
  22. defame another person in writing
  23. verbal reports to medical direction should include
    • ID of unit, provider and provider level
    • description of scene
    • pt age, sex, and weight
    • chief complaint and severity
    • history of present illness or injury(OPQRST-ASPN)
    • SAMPLE
    • pertinent physical findings
    • treatment given
    • ETA
    • other pertinent infor
  24. elements of medical pt report
    • medic ID
    • pt ID
    • subjective data
    • objective data
    • plan
  25. elements of trauma pt report
    • medic ID
    • pt ID
    • MOI
    • injuries
    • plan
  26. FCC primary functions include
    • licensing and allocating radio frequencies
    • establishing technical standards for radio equipment
    • licensing and regulating the technical personnel who repair and operate radio equipment
    • monitoring frequencies to ensure appropriate usage
    • spot checking base stations and dispatch centers for appropriate licenses and records
  27. uses for PCRs
    • medical
    • administrative
    • research
    • legal
  28. elements of good documentation
    • completeness
    • accuracy
    • legibility
    • timeliness
    • absence of alterations
    • professionalism
  29. the core of documentation
    the narrative
  30. addition or supplement to the original report
  31. narrative formats
    • SOAP
    • CHART
    • pt management
    • call incident
  32. your pt refuses care even though you feel he needs it
    against medical advice
  33. CHART
    • chief complaint
    • history
    • assessment
    • RX(treatment)
    • transport
  34. call incident approach emphasizes the
  35. vital information that fits on triage tag
    • name
    • major injuries
    • vital signs
    • treatment
    • priority
  36. refusal of care documentation checklist
    • thorough pt assessment
    • competency of pt
    • your recommendation for care and transport
    • explanation tot the pt about possible consequences of refusing care
    • other suggestions for accessing care
    • willingness to return if pt changes mind
    • pt understanding of statements and suggestions and apparent competence to refuse care based on that understanding
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