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  1. What is yeast?
    A single celled organism - fungi
  2. What is fermentation?
    When yeast respire anaerobically to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol
  3. What gas is released from respiring yeast that makes bread rise?
    carbon dioxide
  4. Batch processing takes place in a _______ and allow ______ scale fermentation to take place?
    • fermenter
    • large
  5. What is malting?
    When barley seeds are allowed to germinate to breakdwon starch into maltose
  6. How is yoghurt produced?
    By the fermentation of milk
  7. What does the fermentation of milk produce?
    Lactic acid (which turns the milk acidic and makes it turn sour)
  8. What is the word equation for the fermentation of milk?
    lactose -----> lctic acid
  9. In cheese making, what enzyme is added to seperate the milk into curds and whey?
  10. What is the solid and liquid part of cheese?
    • Solid - curds
    • Liquid - Whey
  11. In cheese making, why is salt added to the curd?
    T prevent the growth of bacteria
  12. Name three diseases that can be foun in untreated sewage
    • Typhoid
    • Cholera
    • Dysentery
  13. What is a saprophyte?
    An oranism that obtains its food from dead or decaying organisms
  14. What is tehe name of the technique used to ensure that experiments are not contaminated?
    Aseptic or sterile technique
  15. Both the nitrogen and carbon cycles rely on the activity of....?
  16. What kind of fuels can microbes produce?
    • Methane
    • Alcohol
    • Sugar
  17. In sewage treatment plants thery use
    _______ and _________ bacteria?
    aerobic and anaerobic
  18. What is mycroprotein?
    A source of protein suitable for vegetarians made from a fungus
  19. Why is there an increasing demand for insulin?
    As life expectancy continues to increase the demand for insulin will continue to rise
  20. Name three products that can be made through genetic engineering?
    • Insulin
    • Human Growth Hormone
    • Interferon
    • Oil digesting enzymes
    • Protease enzymes
  21. What do antibiotics do?
    They kill bacteria
  22. Continous flow processing uses ______ enzymes placed in a fermenter?
  23. Continous flow _____ profitability and ____ costs?
    • increases
    • reduces
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