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  1. Add is the same as
    find the total, plus, increase, find the sum, how many altogther
  2. Subtract is the same as
    take away, minus, find the difference, decrease, reduce, deduct
  3. A number is divisible by a smaller number if
    the smaller number divides exactly into the larger number. So 12 is divisible by 4 (and 3 and 2 and 6)
  4. When you do a division sum the answer is sometimes called the
  5. Profit means....
    how much extra money you can make if you sell something for more than you bought it (if you buy a car for £100 and sell it for £150, you have made £50 profit)
  6. What is a factor?
    a whole number that will divide exactly into another
  7. what are, consecutive numbers ?
    numbers that follow on in order
  8. what is a denominator?
    the bottom part of a fraction, which tells you how many equal parts the whole has been divided into
  9. What is a digit?
    a single number from 1 - 9
  10. what is digital time?
    the time written in numbers, as you would see on a digital clock
  11. what are equivalent fractions?
    fraction that are equal to each other, so a half is equal to 2 quarters.
  12. What is an improper fraction?
    A top heavy fraction where the numerator (the top half of the fraction) is bigger than the denominator (the bottom half) so nine fifths 9/5 is an improper fraction
  13. What is a mixed number?
    A whole number and a fraction 1 1/2
  14. What is a negative number?
    A number that is less than zero. So -5 is a negative number.
  15. what is a pie chart
    a circle divided into section (like a pizza) to show date
  16. What is a Ratio?
    a ratio is used to compare two (or more) numbers and is usually expressed with a colon in between. A colon looks like this :
  17. what is a scalene triangle
    a triangle with no equal sides and no equal angles.
  18. What (in maths) is volume ?
    the amount of space a solid object takes up. It is measured in cm3 or m3 (those shouyld be little 3s, like you get with cubed numbers)
  19. What is probability?
    The chance or possibility of something happening. Often written as a fraction
  20. What is a Quadrilateral?
    a four sided, 2-dimensional shape
  21. What is a decimal fraction?
    tenths, hundredths, thousandths etc, shown as digits after a decimal point. so the decimal fraction 0.25 is the same as a quarter.
  22. what does 'translation' mean
    moving a shape right or left ... or up or a given number of squares
  23. what is the inverse?
    it is the oppsoite of something
  24. what are concentric circles?
    circle with the same centre point, but different radius. So an archery target, for example, is made up of concentric circles.
  25. what is a polygon?
    a 2d shape with three of more straight sides
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