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  1. Auxin produced in _____ supresses lateral bud growth
  2. Polar transport of auxin
    auxin goes from top to bottem
  3. Cytokinins (function)
    regulate cell division
  4. Roles of cytokinins
    • produced in roots
    • promotes lateral shoot growth
    • (opposite auxin)
  5. Auxin: cytokinin ration
    controls root and shoot balance
  6. Gibberellins (function)
    • stimulate growth
    • internode elongation (larger fruits)
  7. Environmental control of stomata opening
    • light
  8. Environmental control of stomatal opening
    Abscisic acid (dry signal)
  9. Ethylene gas
    • simplest plant hormone
    • causes fruit to ripen
    • flowers and leaves to fall off
  10. Healthy shoot rquires _____( 2 hormones)
    Auxin and Ethylene
  11. If excess Ethylene
    Abscission and weakened leaf
  12. First signal in HR response
    AVR produced by pathogen binds R (resistance) produced by plant
  13. HR
    Hypersensative response
  14. Second messgae of HR response
    Nitric Oxide
  15. Third response of HR
    • kills pathogen
    • kill infected cells
    • thicken plant wall
  16. SAR
    Systemic acuired resistance
  17. Jasmonic acid
    Proeinase inhibitor (make herbivores sick)
  18. Plants can sense:
    • light
    • gravity
    • day length
    • temperature
    • physical touch
    • damage
  19. Signal transduction
    converting stimulus into response
  20. 4 steps of signal transduction
    • External stimulus
    • Phosphorylation
    • secondary (internal) message phosphorylation cascade Ca+2 2nd messenger
    • cellular response: gene and protein regulation
  21. Hormone
    signiling molecuels transported through the body
  22. Phototropism
    movement in response to blue light
  23. Steps of Phototropism
    • stimulus
    • phosphorylation of membrane protein: phototropin
    • Response at tip is hormone redistribution
  24. in shoot auxin is on ___ side
  25. auxin _______ growth in shoot
  26. posotive gravitropism
    towards gravity
  27. negativ gravitropism
    away from gravity
  28. gravitropism
    movement in response to gravity
  29. Statoliths
    startch grains that halep sense gravity
  30. thigmotropism
    can sense touch

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