vet radiology tests

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  1. Collimator Light Field Size Test
    To ensure that visible light field determined by collimator dial is accurate.
  2. Film-Screen Contact Test
    Determines if the cassette adhesive is holding the intensifying screen against the film.
  3. mA Meter Output Test
    Determines actual output of mA meter.
  4. Source Image Distance (SID)/ FFD Test
    To ensure accuracy of SID.
  5. Spin Top Test
    Determines x-ray machine timer accuracy.
  6. Step Wedge Test
    Determines accuracy and consistency of mA and time stations.
  7. X-Ray Light Field Test
    To ensure that the x-ray field is actually going where the light field indicates (actual x-ray field = collimated light field).
  8. X-Ray Tube Angulation Test
    Insures that the angle indicator is correct when angling the x-ray tube head.
  9. X-Ray Tube Perpendicularity Test
    Determines correct position of x-ray tube head in relation to x-ray table.
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