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  1. congratulate
    express one's pleasure to their success
  2. gracious
    pleasant, kind
  3. grateful
    expressing gratitute
  4. gratify
    give or be a source of pleasure
  5. gratis
    free, no payment needed
  6. gratitude
  7. gratuitous
    given freely, unwarranted
  8. gratuity
    money for a favor/service, tip
  9. ingrate
    ungrateful person
  10. ingratiate
    establish yourself in favor of another
  11. immortal
    will never die
  12. moribund
    dying, near death
  13. mortal
    human, able to die, causing death
  14. mortality
    death rate, mortal nature
  15. mortician
  16. mortification
    shame, humiliation
  17. mortify
    to embarrass or humiliate
  18. mortuary
    funeral home
  19. rigor mortis
    stiffness of body "stiffness of death"
  20. corporal
  21. corporation
    body that acts as a single person with rights and duties
  22. corps
    organized body of people, military branch
  23. corpse
    dead body
  24. corpulent
    obese, fat
  25. corpus
    general collection or body of writings
  26. corpuscle
    blood cell ("little body")
  27. corpus delicti
    body of victim, facts of a crime being commited
  28. espirit de corps
    group body
  29. habeas corpus
    order requiring a detained person is brought to court to investigate the legality of their imprisonment, "you should have the body"
  30. incorporate
    combine to form one body
  31. aqueduct
    artificial channel for conducting water
  32. conducive
    contributive, helpful
  33. conduct
    lead, guide
  34. deduction
    subtraction, reasoning from general to particular
  35. duct
    tube or channel for conducting something
  36. ductile
    easily led
  37. induce
    lead on, move by persuasion
  38. induction
    initiation, reasoning from particular to general
  39. seduction
    enticement, leading to wrongdoing
  40. traduce
    "lead along", slander, vilify
  41. viaduct
    bridge for conducting railroad over river or valley
  42. consecutive
    following in regular order
  43. consequence
    following logically, result, importance
  44. execute
    carry out, put to death
  45. inconsequential
    no consequence, unimportant
  46. non sequitur
    statement that doesn't follow previous statements
  47. persecute
    oppress, harass
  48. prosecute
    follow to the end, sue
  49. sequel
    something that follows
  50. sequence
    orderly series
  51. sequential
    arranged in orderly series
  52. concur
    agree, coincide
  53. concurrent
  54. current
    now in progress, flow
  55. curriculum
    course of study
  56. cursive
    letters running together
  57. cursory
    running over superficially
  58. discursive
  59. excursion
  60. incur
    meet with something undesirable, bring upon oneself
  61. incursion
    rushing into, raid
  62. precursor
  63. recur
    happen again
  64. aggressive
    militant, disposed to attack
  65. egress
  66. gradation
    change by steps/stages, act of grading
  67. grade
    step, stage, rating
  68. gradient
    rate, slope, inclination
  69. gradual
    step by step, slow
  70. graduate
    complete all steps of course
  71. graduated
    arranged in regular stages or degrees
  72. progressive
    going forward to something better
  73. regressive
    moves backward
  74. retrograde
    moving backward, getting worse
  75. transgress
    go beyond limits, break law
  76. biped
    2 footed animal
  77. centipede
    "hundred legged animal"
  78. expedite
    speed up
  79. impede
  80. impediment
  81. millipede
    "thousand legged"
  82. pedal
    lever used by foot
  83. pedestal
    support, foundation
  84. pedestrian
    person travelling by foot
  85. velocipede
    child's tricycle, early form of bike
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