Absolutism part 2

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  1. Peter the Great if Russia was curious about western styles of _____________.
  2. Determined to _____________________, Peter brought all Russians under his control, including the Russian Othodox Church.
    centralize royal power
  3. Peter _________ for reforms when boyars _________ , and his reign thus _____________ social or economical reforms.
    • paid
    • wanted them
    • included
  4. One reason Peter sought to expand Russian borders was to ______________________________________________________
    seek a warm-water port that would allow Russia to trade with the west all year long
  5. Russia, Prussia, and Austria _______ Poland, _____________________________________.
    • overtook
    • because Polish rulers were unable to centralize their power of diminish the influence of the polish nobility
  6. Peter 1, of the romanov family, main goal was to do what?
    To westernize Russia
  7. Wasn't catholic, mongols had control, serfdom existed, and interesting geography.
    the west
  8. Peters reforms were in which category?
    • army
    • agriculture
    • women
    • church
    • industry-mercentalism
    • newspaper
    • schools
    • calendar
    • ♥♦♣♠•◘○◙♪♫☼
  9. What dynasty ruled from 1485 to 1603 and worked close to parliment?
    The Tudor
  10. In 1603, after queen Elizabeth died the throne was passed to who.
    The Stuarts
  11. He inherited the throne in 1625 and ruled 4 years. he acted as an absolute monarch. Then when parliament wouldn't allow him to raise taxes he dissloved taxes in 1629.
    Charles 1
  12. What did parliament do to charles between 1640-1653?
    They revolted.
  13. This event led to war between charles 1 and parliament.
    Charles led a troop in the house of commons and arrested radical leader.
  14. Name 4 of the tudors.
    • Henry VII
    • Henry VIII
    • Mary I
    • Edward VI
    • Elizabeth I
  15. Name 4 of the Stuarts.
    • James I
    • Charles I
    • Charles II
    • James II
    • Mary II
  16. The stuarts tried to establish what?
    An absolute monarchy
  17. This prohibites the king from raising taxws without parliament.
    Petition of right
  18. What was signifigant about the Glorious revolution where james II gave up the throne.
    No blood was shed
  19. Catherine the Great German aquired warm-water ports on which sea?
    The Black Sea
  20. What were the names for the supporters during the war between parliament and king charles?
    Cavailers supported the king and Roundheads supported parliament.
  21. Charles I was beheaded in 1649 after parliament won the war. This man declared that England was a Republic.
    Oliver Cromwell
  22. In 1650 this day was set assighed for religious observance after parliament designed a series of laws.
  23. Who went to london, restored the church of england, and tolerated parliament?
    Charles II
  24. This ensured the superiority of parliament over monarchy in 1688 to 1689. it required the monach to summon parliament regularly and give the house of commons power.
    Bill of Rights
  25. Under the bill of rights, england became what?
    A limited monarch
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