FFC Phx Fire Written Study Chapters 1-4

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  1. The members of the Phoenix Fire Dept mission is to Prevent _______, ________, and Be Nice

    a. Harm, Prepare
    b. Disasters, Be Professional
    c. Disasters, Be Safe
    d. Harm, Survive
    d. Harm, Survive
  2. Customer
    Anyone the Fire Department comes in contact with either directly or indirectly. May be internal, within the Department, or external, outside of the Department.
  3. Class A Burn Building
    The multi-story building where fire suppression training utilizing live fire with Class A ordinary combustibles is done at the Training Academy for recruits as well as for continued training for the Department.
  4. Class B Burn building
    The multi-story building where fire suppression training utilizing live fire with Class B natural gas props is done at the Training Academy for recruits as well as for continued training for the Department.
  5. EAP
    A comprehensive program that may be accessed by any Fire Department member to provide short-term counseling and help in times of need. It can help with drugs and alcohol, marital problems, emotional issues and family issues to name a few.
  6. Engine Company
    A piece of fire apparatus that carries hose, water and has a pump. Its primary function on a fire is to provide water to extinguish the fire. All engine companies in the City of Phoenix also have ALS or advanced life support capabilities.
  7. Ladder Company
    A piece of fire apparatus that has a large aerial ladder or platform(usually 100 feet) and carries additional ground ladders and tools. Its primary function on a fire is to support the fire attack by forcing entry, ventilating the structure, providing lighting, securing the utilities, providing salvage and overhaul, and many other supportfunctions. Ladders companies are also responsible for extrication
  8. Lay A Line
    The task of connecting fire hose to a fire hydrant as the engine is driven closer to the fire. This connects the engine to the fire hydrant for an uninterrupted water supply to supplement the 500 gallons of water carried by PFD apparatus.
  9. Local 493
    Firefighters, after successful completion of the Training Academy, are invited to become part of an organized Labor Union called the International Association of Firefighters. The Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, and Peoria Chapters are all part. The Union bargains for firefighter wages and benefits and participates in all functions of the Fire Department
  10. Rescue Company
    A piece of fire apparatus that is used primarily to transport sick and injured people. It has a two-person crew and also responds to fires where the crew is used for manpower
  11. Search And Rescue
    An activity that is performed on fires by fire crews to systematically locate and then remove fire victims. It is always the first priority at any incident
  12. Ventilate
    The physical act of removing smoke from a fire involved building. Can be performed by cutting holes in the roof, using fans, breaking windows, or using hoselines.
  13. The Phoenix Fire Department has several ranks for members, which are: Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, ________________, _______________, Assistant Chief, Executive Assistant Chief and the Fire Chief.

    a. Division Chief, Battalion Chief
    b. Operations Chief, Administrative Chief
    c. Battalion Chief/Division Chief, Deputy Chief
    d. Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief
    c. Battalion Chief/Division Chief, Deputy Chief
  14. The Phoenix Fire Department is organized into _____ sections.

    a. five
    b. six
    c. seven
    d. none of the above
    b. six
  15. What rank are the chiefs that supervise each of the Fire Department sections?

    a. Executive Assistant Chief
    b. Assistant Chief
    c. Battalion Chief
    d. Division Chief
    b. Assistant Chief
  16. The Training Academy falls under which section's responsibility?

    a. Special Operations
    b. South Operations
    c. North Operations
    d. Fire Prevention
    c. North Operations
  17. __________________ insures proper staffing throughout the City every day and assigns roving members back on overtime when necessary.

    a. Human Resources
    b. Special Operations
    c. North Shift Command
    d. South Shift Command
    d. South Shift Command
  18. The Phoenix Fire Department manages a fleet of over ___ vehicles and their equipment.

    a. 200
    b. 300
    c. 400
    d. 500
    c. 400
  19. The four primary emergency service delivery vehicles are Engines, Ladders, ____________, and Rescues

    a. Tankers
    b. Brush trucks
    c. Foam trucks
    d. Squads
    d. Squads
  20. The Regional Dispatch Operation dispatches for __ cities.

    a. 25
    b. 26
    c. 27
    d. 28
    b. 26
  21. The ____________________ does not recognize or require any jurisdictional lines. Units are dispatched as if they were part of a single fire department. The closest most appropriate unit to any emergency situation is dispatched without regard to city.

    a. Mutual Aid System
    b. Jurisdictional Aid System
    c. Automatic Aid System
    d. Regional Dispatch System
    c. Automatic Aid System
  22. True or False. Confined space rescue falls under Hazardous Materials area of responsibility.
  23. Contracts between the Union and the City typically are outlined in the __________________ and have a term of ___ year(s).

    a. Wage and Benefit Package; one
    b. Employee Compact; two
    c. Terms of Agreement; four
    d. Memorandum of Understanding; two
    d. Memorandum of Understanding; two
  24. For which one of the following Fire Department services does the City charge the citizens money?

    a. Fire supression
    b. Emergency Medical Service
    c. Medical transportation
    d. Search and Rescue
    c. Medical transportation
  25. In the RBO process, a _____________ , which includes the Fire Chief, Assistant Chiefs, the Union President, and the Union Vice-Presidents, tracks the progress of the Action Plan Committees.

    a. Correlating Committee
    b. Executive Steering Group
    c. Executive Review Committee
    d. Action Plan Review Commitee
    a. Correlating Committee
  26. The current President of the IAFF Local 493 is:

    a. Bob Khan
    b. Sam Franklin
    c. Pat Cantalme
    d. Pete Gorraiz
    d. Pete Gorraiz
  27. “Don’t sacrifice a relationship for an outcome,” is a key concept of the RBO ''magic" which is primarily about

    a. protecting relationships
    b. better wages and working conditions
    c. moving the fire service forward
    d. retaining collective bargaining for public safety employees
    a. protecting relationships
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