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  1. 1. Symptoms, epidemiology pathogenesis, prevention and treatment
    • Symptoms: not many, warts are most common - Human Papillomavirus
    • Epidemiology: Asymptomatic ppl can transmit disease, multiple sex partners increases risk.
    • Pathogenesis: enters EPITHELIUM thru abrasions, establishes latency in epithelium. Replication can occur once host is mature. Can cause pre-cancer lesions due to cancer viral types being able to enter host cells
    • Prevention/Treatment: Latex condoms, PAP tests for females 1/year. Vaccines for women 9-26.
  2. 2. Two ways of manifestation (HPV)
    • 1. Genital Warts
    • 2. Cervical or genital cancer
  3. 3. Causative agent HPV
    NON-enveloped dsDNA virus. Many types, each infecting different tissues and producing different LESIONS.
  4. 4. Vaccine HPV
    Protects against certain HPV types that are responsible for 70% of cancers and 90% of genital warts. These are given in a 3 dose series and recommended for women from 9-26.
  5. 1. Symptoms, epidemiology pathogenesis, prevention and treatment - Polio
    • *Causative Agent: Type 1,2 or 3. NON-enveloped ssRNA enterovirus
    • Symptoms: Fever, stiff neck, muscle spasms, nausea, followed by PARALYSIS
    • Epidemiology: Spread by fecal-oral route. Asymptomatic non-paralytic cases are common
    • Pathogenesis: Virus infects throat and intestines – circulates via BLOODSTREAM, entering MOTOR nerve cells of brain and spinal cord, allowing these cells to lyse once virus matures
    • Prevention/Treatment: Salks (inactivated) vaccine or Sabin’s (live attenuated) vaccine. Artificial ventilation for respitory failure, physical therapy & rehab
  6. 2. Types of vaccines
    • Sabin’s is a live attenuated vaccine
    • Salk’s is an inactivated vaccine
  7. 3.Why is Sabin vaccine against poliomyelitis the preferred vaccine to use in countries where polio is still prevalent?
    Since this is a live attenuated virus more people have the potential to be exposed to this and therefore develop the immune response and fight off the actual infection, should it occur. Also the antibodies are passed on from mother-child
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