benzos and Z drugs

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  1. Use for diazepam?
    • Acute treatment of seizures
    • Muscle spasm
  2. Dose of Diazepam for muscle twitch?
    2-15mg daily upto a max of 60mg
  3. Councelling for benzos?
    this medication may cause drowsiness

    avoid alcohol

    do not stop taking this medicationi suddenly unless doc tells you to

    Use short term only
  4. Indication for temezapam?
    Short term insomnia
  5. Adverse effects for benzos?
    Drowsiness, oversedation, headache, vertigo,
  6. Dose of temazepam
    5-20mg at night

    Elderly 5-10mg initially
  7. Indication for zolpidem?
    short term treatment for insomnia
  8. Precautions of using zolpidem?
    elderly, hepatic impairment, pregnancy
  9. Contradinications of using zolpidem?
    • Myasthenia Gravis
    • Acute or severe pulmonary insufficiency
    • concominant alcohol use
  10. Adverse effects of zolpiderm?

    drowsiness, hallucinations
  11. Dosage of zolpidem?
    5-12.5mg before bedtime

    if elderly or hepatically impaired, take 5mg before bedtime
  12. Counselling for zolpidem?
    this medication will make you drowsy, may be droswy the next day. avoid operating heavy machinery.

    do not take alcohol or other sedating drugs at the same time
  13. Indications for nitrazepam?
    • Infantile spasms
    • Myoclonic epilepsy
  14. dosage of nitrazepam?
    0.125-0.5mg/kg twice a day
  15. Indications for oxazepam?
  16. Contraindications of benzos?
    • respiratory depression
    • myasthenia gravis
    • severe hepatic disease
  17. Dose of oxazepam?
    7.5mg 3-4 times daily, increasing up to 30mg 3-4 times daily
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