Capetian Dynasty

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  1. Hugh Capet
    • Ruled 987-996
    • Established Paris as a capital
    • Started a bureacracy (tax collectors, accountants, finance)
    • Founder of Capetian Dynasty
  2. Louis VII
    • Ruled 1137-1180
    • Married Eleanor of Aquitane
    • They divorced after getting into an argument during a crusade and Eleanor married Henry II, a rival of Louis VII
    • Used Law of Consanguinity to divorce
  3. Philip II Augustus
    • Ruled 1180-1223
    • Was part of the King's Crusade
    • Made a national tax to make and train an army
    • In 1202 Phillip II took Normandy from John
    • Accused the Cathars (a group that believed they were descendants of Jesus) of heresy/blasphemy
    • Destroyed the Cathars as a result with support from Pope Innocent III
    • Cathars were also known as Albigensians
  4. Louis VIII
    • Ruled 1223-1226
    • Said Jews couldn't have their debt recorded
  5. Louis X
    • Ruled 1314-1316
    • Became a saint.
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