Billing Notes

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  1. step 1
    Preregister patients - ask patients for information
  2. step 2
    Establish Financial responsibility – who is gonna pay for the visit
  3. step 3
    Check in patients – copay is due, when u walk in the door
  4. step 4
    Check out patients – follow- up, give instructions
  5. step 5
    Review coding compliance –
  6. step 6
    Check billing compliance – make sure it is proper
  7. step 7
    Prepare and transmit claims – most of the time it is electronic
  8. step 8
    Monitor payer adjudication – check if patients are paying their bills
  9. step 9
    Generate patient statements – most ma’s anticipate, statement is for the patient and the insurance company
  10. step 10
    Follow up payments and collections – If you see the patient is having trouble paying the bills ask them for a payment plan
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